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About us

About Oryx Digital Ltd

Award ceremony planning

Using PerfectTablePlan for planning award ceremonies

Banquets and dinners

Using PerfectTablePlan for banquets and formal dinners

Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning

Using PerfectTablePlan for Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning

Barcode fonts

Barcode fonts you can use with PerfectTablePlan

Best man jokes

Some jokes for the best man's speech

Buy place cards

Buy place cards to print from PerfectTablePlan

Case studies

Customer case studies

Charity fundraiser planning

Using PerfectTablePlan for charity fundraiser planning

Clip art

Free clip art

Compare editions

Compare editions of PerfectTablePlan

Contact us

Contact details

Countdown clock

Countdown to your event with our free clock

Corporate event planning

Using PerfectTablePlan for corporate event planning


PerfectTablePlan customers

Dinner party seating

Perfect dinner party seating


Online PerfectTablePlan documentation


Download the latest version of PerfectTablePlan


Frequently Asked Questions about PerfectTablePlan

Floor plan clip art

Free clip art for floor plans


Free fonts for table plans

Gala dinner planning

Using PerfectTablePlan for gala dinner planning


Gallery of table plans

Genetic algorithm

How the genetic algorithm works


Our money-back guarantee


Our table planning hints page (all the tips on one page)


Home page

How to create a screen capture

How to create a screen capture on Windows or Mac

Installer troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the installer

Integration partners

Companies that can assist with integrating PerfectTablePlan

Licence key retrieval

Retrieve your licence key


Licensing details

Livery Company table plans

Using PerfectTablePlan for Livery Company table plans

Mac troubleshooting

Troubleshooting PerfectTablePlan installation on Mac

Masonic clipart

Free Masonic clipart

Masonic table plans

Using PerfectTablePlan for Masonic table planning

Military event seating plans

Using PerfectTablePlan for Military event seating plans

Networking events

Using PerfectTablePlan for planning network events


PerfectTablePlan news

Order print

Order a digital print of your plan/chart

Payment troubleshooting

Troubleshooting payment problems


Why you should buy PerfectTablePlan, not steal it

Place card templates

Downloadable place card templates


Privacy policy


Purchase PerfectTablePlan


Reviews of PerfectTablePlan

Site map

This page


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Step-by-step download

How to download PerfectTablePlan

Step-by-step install

How to install PerfectTablePlan

Step-by-step start-up

How to start-up PerfectTablePlan

System requirements

PerfectTablePlan minimum system requirements

Table plan templates

Downloadable table plan templates


Our terms of business


Customer testimonials


Tips on creating a harmonious table plan


Product tour

University events

Usng PerfectTablePlan for planning university events


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Upgrade FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about upgrading PerfectTablePlan

Upgrade to latest version

Upgrade to the latest version

Upgrade to higher edition

Upgrade to PerfectTablePlan Advanced or Professional Edition

USB barcode scanners

Barcode scanners you can use with PerfectTablePlan


Versions of PerfectTablePlan available to download

Version 5 improvements

Improvements to PerfectTablePlan version 5

Version 6 improvements

Improvements to PerfectTablePlan version 6

Wedding clip art

Free clip art for weddings

Weddings and celebrations

Using PerfectTablePlan for weddings and celebrations

Wedding top table

The wedding top table.

Windows troubleshooting

Troubleshooting PerfectTablePlan installation on Windows