Socially Distanced Seating Plans

PerfectTablePlan can help you mitigate the risks of the COVID-19/Corona virus at your event.

Maintain distancing

Use scale floor plans to check distances between tables.

socially distanced table plan

Set seat spacing

You have full control over table shape, size and number of seats.

set table size and seats

Leave seats empty.

socially distanced seating plan

Or remove seats.

socially distanced seating

Keep guest groups apart

Set the automatic seat assignment algorithm to add spaces between groups.

social distancing preferences

socially distanced layout

Show guest groups in different colours, so you can quickly see that different households are correctly spaced.

socially distance groups

Check if members of different groups are sat closer than the required social distance.

check-social distancing

Record guest position and details

Store guest contact details and seating positions for an unlimited number of seating plans, to assist with track and trace.

track and trace seating

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