Table Plan Gallery

PerfectTablePlan can print and export a number of different representations of your table plan. You can customize them with your own fonts, colours and graphics.

Floor Plans

Create accurate scaled floor plans of any size.

  • a 2890 seat dinner
  • theater seating plan
  • a masonic seating plan
  • wedding floor plan
  • award ceremony layout
  • plan seating arrangements
  • a 3900 seat gala dinner floor plan with guests coloured by type
  • livery company table plan
  • horseshoe table seating plan
  • table shapes
  • theatre/church style seating plan
  • dinner seating plan


Print professional looking charts by guest, group or table.

  • guest list
  • guest chart
  • table chart
  • table chart


Print 2-sided place cards, address labels, invitations, escort cards and any other type of stationery. Merge in guest data with a few clicks. Add your own logo.

  • place cards
  • address labels

Electronic chart

Show a scrolling seating chart on a screen at the venue (the image may take a while to load).

scrolling seating chart

You can print from your own printer or send PDFs to a digital printing company for large format prints. Printouts and PDF exports are much higher resolution that the images show above. Click on this link to see a sample PDF file exported from PerfectTablePlan. Note that you can zoom right in without pixelation.

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