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pc pro

"When writing about software, I soon get bored with yet another disk-management utility, or something that gets your wireless networking going, despite such tools being utterly worthy and useful. And don't get me started again on disk defragmenters! So it's a real joy to come across a gem of a product - something that sets out to solve a very specific problem and achieves it with real panache. Well, PerfectTablePlan does just that.

You've guessed it, it's a package to work out how to seat people for a dinner party. Such a party might be a dozen people in your dining room, or else it might be a conference dinner layout for something like the PC Pro Awards, running to hundreds of people spread across dozens of tables in a huge hotel ballroom. You can graphically lay out the tables onscreen, whether they be round ones, square ones or blocks of rectangular ones. While doing this, you can enter details of all the attendees, together with all the necessary information about who they must sit next to, who they might like to sit with, and most importantly, who they don't want to be anywhere near. It also allows you to add vital details such as whether they're vegetarian, vegan, allergic to nuts and so forth - and most important of all, whether they've actually confirmed they're coming!

With all this information added, you can then shuffle all the pieces around and come up with an automatic seating plan that best fits everyone's needs. And once that's all done, you can print it out for everyone to see as they arrive.

PerfectTablePlan is an excellent example of a piece of software that does all you need while being easy to use too." PC Pro Magazine (PerfectTablePlan v1)

capterra review

"Pros: It's hard to pick just one feature, the system is the whole package. I can maintain a list of who has been invited, record who has accepted or declined, specify who the VIPs are, record what meals they've ordered and print it on their place cards to help the catering staff, record who has paid (using a custom field, which is a handy feature if you want to record your own information), record who should sit by whom - and who absolutely must not sit by whom. This list goes on, that's just some of the features. The options for table layouts cover most of the options you're likely to encounter, with new ones gradually being added if enough people suggest them.
Cons: It's hard to think of something. The suggestions I've made over the years have been implemented so the issues I had have been resolved.
Overall: It does exactly what it's supposed to do: generates professional table plans with a minimum of fuss." Capterra (PerfectTablePlan v5)


"PerfectTablePlan makes sure that you will be prepared for all the situations that may arise in the organization of a large event. It seems that the developers have taken into consideration all the event planning possibilities and, by providing such a wide range of customization options, PerfectTablePlan is not only easy to use, but also a truly advanced software tool that can be used by professional event planners." Softpedia (PerfectTablePlan v4)

good morning logo

"Go and see - no more sticky notes or slips of paper when trying to organise your seating plan. ... Store all your guest information like who they should and shouldn't sit with, special food requirements, budget etc then drag and drop your guest around the seating plan. Then print it all out for table name settings, table numbers for outside the venue and so on. This is the internet at its best - a really useful application that can be used anywhere, pay online and well targeted at people planning seating a large group for any kind of event, particularly weddings." Erin Rush's Web Picks, Good Morning program, TVNZ (PerfectTablePlan v1)

tucows logo

5/5 rating. (PerfectTablePlan v1) logo

"A great download for the harried party planner, Perfect TablePlan can help organize anything from a wedding party to a corporate dinner. You build the list of participants, dividing them into categories by personal likings, food preferences, or shared interests. If two people absolutely shouldn't sit together, it can take account of that, too. You then create the seating layout, choosing round, square, or rectangular tables as needed. The program is powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for those plunging into event preparation for the first time. The colorful three-pane interface is a bit busy, but a thoughtful quick-start guide and 30-minute tutorial are most welcome. The help file even provides rules of thumb for formal seating. The free trial has you covered up to 30 guests, without time limit. Would-be Martha Stewarts will take to Perfect TablePlan like balsamic vinegar to a rocket salad." Editors Review, (PerfectTablePlan v1)


"Really, I heard horror stories about seating plans, but mine was organized in about half an hour. No kidding around." Arieanna on (PerfectTablePlan v2)

with this ring

"I've been using it for a few weeks now...the software is really easy to use and I was even able to upload all our guest info from an Excel file. You layout your floor plan and then you can use the software to assign tables, assign individual seats, print place cards, even track RSVPs." with--this--ring blog (PerfectTablePlan v3)


"This software looks like a great tool to help with organizing your seating arrangements for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. ... This is definitely a must-see! Check it out and make your life easier!" Mitzvah-licious blog (PerfectTablePlan v3)


"The software really helps you manage RSVP and guest-specific information, print clear charts and lists, and smoothly handle last minute changes. Your seating chart will be a monster task no matter what, but the benefits of the software probably make it well worth the small price." aisledash blog (PerfectTablePlan v3)


"I recently started playing around with PerfectTablePlan. I definitely wish I had had this for my wedding. It is just amazing how organized you can be with this program. You can use it for any number of events from a small wedding reception to a 2000+ seat banquet. Manage your guest details, RSVPs, meal choices and preferences as well. I would have saved many trees with this option!" elucky designs blog (PerfectTablePlan v3)

bonjour events

"Could seating charts be the hardest part of planning a wedding or dinner party? I just came across a user-friendly software that makes this lovely part a bit easier. Perfect Table Plan loads your guests' contact information in a savvy manner and then not only keeps track of the RSVP status and meal preferences but allows you to drop and drag names into your custom floor plan." Bonjour events (PerfectTablePlan v3)

polka dot bride

"I am a geek at heart and love software which takes the headache out of a problem such as wedding seating arrangements, Perfect Table Plan is fun to use and keeps everything in one place- making it easy to track guests and all the other oddities that go along with them." Polka Dot Bride blog (PerfectTablePlan v4)

in any event

"After much research, I settled on a great software package out of England called the Perfect Table Plan. I was sceptical at first. Why, you ask? Well, it was only $34.95. I had reviewed so many packages that were hundreds, even thousands, of dollars that I was sure this package wouldn't be good. But, from what I had seen, it had everything I wanted. So, I purchased the software and haven't looked back since!" in-any-event blog (PerfectTablePlan v4)

event manager blog

"You know I am a fan of free software and possibly open source as well, but what the hell PerfectTablePlan is not just a small gadget, it actually helps and it is extremely cheap.

I don't like guys charging hundreds of dollars and selling air, on the same perspective I am fine with those trying hard to make a living and passionate about something.

What I liked:
- Auto wizard once you have set the type of relationship between guests.
- Attention to details. Because it's all about that. Being able to manage RSVP as well is key.
- Intuitive platform. You do not have to be Linus Torvalds to make it work.
- Importing feature. Import your spreadsheet and erase Excel from your system.
- Tutorials. They got very easy tutorials to guide you. It takes less than an hour to understand all the features

I found the program not buggy at all and funny. If you are planning a wedding you will love marking two people who are not meant to seat next to each other with a death-sign. Hilarious." Event Manager Blog (PerfectTablePlan v4)

"The perfect table plan keeps Aunt Mabel away from Grandma Philips... since that nasty incident over the heirloom punchbowl. It sits single friends with other single friends so there's the potential for a wedding day hook-up, cousins with cousins... hopefully without the chance of a wedding day hook-up as that would just be weird. In short, the perfect table plan takes myriad factors into account to come up with the best possible seating arrangement for a wedding or other special occasion. Enter Miss Download with PerfectTablePlan. It's way easier than the the old pen and paper approach to creating a seating plan." Miss Download (PerfectTablePlan v4)

mac 360

"Import guest lists into the app and then drag and drop the names to specific seat locations in arrangement. Sweet. Just sweet." Jeffrey Mincey on (PerfectTablePlan v4)

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