What Customers Say About PerfectTablePlan

The comments below are all from paying customers and are quoted with their permission.

"Very impressed with this software. I spent hours with bits of paper and cards, tried Visio, Powerpoint and looked at 'on line' solutions as well. For a small cost, I downloaded this software, imported my existing list and had a table plan in minutes that is easily manipulated and changed. Worth every penny!" Tracy W., Ipswich, England

"Okay, so I completed 5 seating arrangements in one day! Rock on! this took me 2 ½ weeks last year." Melodie Turk, Providence Health & Services

"What a brilliant programme. I just love using Perfect Table Plan."Peter P., Ipswich, England

"Having been asked to organise the table seating plan for our Lions Club Charter night as the member who normally does the planning is not available to do so this year. The task was given to me using Excel, which I found to be a long drawn out time consuming method and having been told that the way in which it had been set up, one had to change each table mat individually and print, which alone would take over 4 hours to do, let alone entering the individual guest and meal information. Having despaired at the task given, a search online brought me to your software and without waiting for approval from the club I purchased the home edition. The programme is so easy to navigate and within an hour I had completed the task given. Very impressed with the professional output and ease of using the programme and would certainly recommend Perfect Table Plan to anyone planning a similar function." Gordon, Bourne, England

"I just want to let you know that your product is the coolest thing ever created, and yes I have taken into account Reebok's pump up sneaker of the eighties. The amount of time the product saved me, factoring in both the rehearsal dinner and the reception, can be calculated not in hours but in days.This is not an exaggeration. Plus it is so easy to use I was thinking about teaching my dog to do it for me (this was an exaggeration)." Chris, Tampa, USA

"This software has even made the table seating process fun!!!!" Steven, Madrid, Spain

"Your programme was a life saver!!!! If I had used it from the very beginning of organising this fundraiser my life would have been a breeze. However, even though I downloaded it only a week before the event - it was brilliant. Last minute table changes, someone not coming but another in their place... I loved it!!!!" Debbie Snyder, The Junior Charity League of Concord

"I love this software- I'm planning a wedding for 300 people, and this is making my life so easy!!!", Nadine, Las Vegas, USA

"I have used your Table planner for the last couple of years for our Association annual dinner with total success, and would like to thank you for making a difficult job easy." Colin Bates, Secretary, HMS Dido Association

"I chair a 500 person event each year for charity. Your software has been a tremendous help to me." LaWanna Lincoln, Animal Rescue League of El Paso

"Not only is PerfectTablePlan a great software as it is very easy to use and user-friendly, and very complete but the most important point is that the support is really a support, I sent a question a few minutes later I had a real answer, with a real concern to help me, and my question was answered in a few mails. This is so unusual that I think it is really worth mentionning." Florence, Geneva, Switzerland

"In my job we are having an event for over 400 people. It is the first time we are hosting such a large gathering, and I thought it would take me weeks or months to get all this information entered and seating plans designed. With your program, I finished EVERYTHING in two days. This is probably the best $35 my office has ever spent!" Lori, Tennessee, USA

"I love it, its absolutely perfect. I have been looking for something like this forever, but I have never been able to find it." Luke, Charleston, USA, Luke Wilson Special Events

"I don't normally contact software companies, but in your case I'm making an exception: your software is exceptional. When I watch TV programs here in the States like "Bridezillas" and see these brides and grooms struggling with their seating charts, I just have to laugh. I think your software saved me hours and hours of messing about with Excel spreadsheets and index cards. It even allowed people like my future mother-in-law to work on the seating chart in a quick and easy way. We did our whole seating chart for over 150 people, in about an hour. Just great stuff - I wish I had a reason to use it again!" Damian, Massachusetts, USA

"Its fantastic, best wedding purchase yet!!!!" Polly, Oswestry, England

"I just want to thank you, thank you, thank you for your program! Seating over 680 people from several different organizations for our grand banquet was an absolute breeze! You have made my life so much easier! Thanks so much!" Monica Zabolotny, Michigan Credit Union League, USA

"We found PTP really easy to use, we had sorted out our seating plan in just a couple of hours." Simon, Derby, England

"It enables me to visualise the seating plan for our large charity dinner (two rooms, one with 410 diners, the other 100 diners). Before your product I had to try and do the plan on scraps of paper that took me ages! ... It will probably save me days of hard work this year and beyond. Thank you for providing an application that is exactly what I have been looking for." Paul, SF Ball Ltd

"I am absolutely delighted with your product: I was dreading the time when I would have to start organising the table plan as my husband-to-be is British and I am French (and from a huge family). So there are a lot of must and must-not to take into consideration. ... Thank you for this software which has probably saved me days of organisation!" Stephanie, London, England

"A great product which for us has totally streamlined the whole process of producing seating plans." Simon, Jesus College, Cambridge

"I think the software is great. It has made planning the seating plan for our wedding very easy." Zoe, Lancashire, England

"I love it. It has made planning my reception very easy. It is the program to use for any event you are planning. It is so easy to use. It has everything, what I am spending, who is coming, male vs female, etc. with just a click of the mouse. I could go on and on about it." Janice, Connecticut, USA

"PerfectTablePlan has given me the opportunity to produce well organised and very well presented table plans for my forthcoming wedding, and I simply could not have imagined doing it without the program!" Diane, Cardiff, Wales

"Having tried the previous version on a friend's computer, and been very impressed, I have bought my own, and am now trying out the latest upgrade. I think it fair to say that this program is BRILLIANT! I am currently doing a table plan for no less than 297 guests, and this is being made so much easier by your product." ... ""I am pleased to say that it went off without a hitch. The planning was a dream, rather than the nightmare it could so easily have been, without Perfect Table Plan. I have, and will continue to recommend this program wholeheartedly. Ken, Solihull, England

"What a fantastic program, can't tell enough people about it. It is really helping plan the seating of my wedding, I can also print off the food list and just give it straight to my catering company. One aspect of planning my wedding that is no longer a headache, thank you!!!!" Caroline, Dartford, England

"I have found it to be very user friendly, and there is nothing similar on the market. I am planning my wedding, and having to seat 150 people would of been a nightmare. Great product, well priced. Thank you." Abbie, Falmouth, England

"I think the PerfectTablePlan program is wonderful. I only wish I had started working in it directly rather than in Microsoft Office apps." Jim, Illinois, USA

"The software is extremely user friendly to use and has helped me significantly through my planning process. I've used other software programs for table assignments for other weddings and this program allows the bride to actually be able to do it herself rather than rely on others." Ashley, Palm Springs, USA

"It's brilliant - saves loads of time!" Jill, Staffordshire, England

"Great software and so easy to use. Fast and friendly customer support which is probably the most important thing." Victoria, Cheltenham, England

"I liked the fact that there's not a lot of extraneous information required, like in wedding planner programs. This is a synagogue, and all we needed was an easy way to seat people at tables for dinners. PerfectTablePlan provided that. I also liked the fact that (again, unlike wedding planners), we can do as many events as we want, without having to delete everyone and start again. And it's very easy to move people from one table to another...All in all, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for a great program." Noelle, Norfolk, USA

"Can I thank you for your excellent customer service and support with PerfectTablePlan. Everyone thinks I am a wizard with printing, placing and designing table plans – if only they knew my secret. You have worked incredibly hard to produce the program and should be commended for it’s ease of use and excellent outputs. So once again thanks for your swift succinct reply and excellent program that I will continue to use for as long as I am dining steward at my lodge." Leighton, Neath, Wales

"The program saved my life and a lot of hard manual work for a big Masonic event; I actually printed the plan on the morning of the event with a lot of changes that happened the night before ... Great Program, keep up the good work." Leon, Lancashire, England

"I love everything about the software. It saves me time and I like the fact that I can change around the seating and delete and insert as needed. It is perfect for me. I really don't know what would make it better." Jennifer, University of the West indies, Barbados

"Excellent tool, I've been telling everyone who'll listen about it!" Samantha, Rochester, England

"Very pleased with the software - my table plan looks very professional." Jo, Surrey, England

"An excellent idea which works!!" Jeanette, Lancashire, England

"Fantastic bit of software. It is also priced exactly right. If it had cost more then I probably would have thought about the purchase but for a one off (immediate) use application, it has saved me hours of messing around with Powerpoint or Excel and the results are so PROFESSIONAL. Much better than anything else I have seen. It also does exactly what it says on the website. There is no messing around. Load it up & start to play. I did not even bother to read the guidance notes. It is that intuitive. I also liked the fact that I could immediately identify when I tried to seat a guest twice. I have already recommended it my company for their next corporate event & I know they will buy. Any piece of software that can make me rave - must be good." Jim, Bristol, England

"Great piece of software ... does just what is says on the tin!" Stuart, Grantham, England

"I love this program which I bought for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah for 161 people. I found it so much easier to organise the tables this way (I have planned 2 Bar Mitzvahs previously and did the tables by hand) and love all the stats. I also love the print out to post for the guests to view. I also know that if there are any last minute changes, I will be able to make them extremely easily." Robin, Sydney, Australia

"Just wanted to say that your response time for questions was absolutely fabulous. I'd recommend your programme based on that alone. Thanks, again." Laurel, Toronto, Canada

"It was so easy to install and use! I fed my list of guests into it, set up my floorplan and then dragged my guests into it as required. Within an hour I had everyone where they should be and know I can easily move them around if I need to. Brilliant!" Sarah, Essex, England

"I would like to let you know how fabulous I think perfect table plan is - it really has made placing 111 guests very easy." Lisa, Petersfield, England

"As somebody who has worked in the IT world for over 20 years, this has to be one of, if not the, best software packages I've seen." Scott, Stourbridge, England

"It was idiot proof! From the purchasing to the using of the software! It was an absolute doddle and I loved doing the job I was dreading most!" Nichola, Arbroath, Scotland

"It's a fantastic piece of software - thanks for developing it, it made our wedding plans so much easier!" Philip, London, England

"Just a quick note to say how great I find your software. ... I like the simplicity of it and yet the attention to detail, such as moving guests around a table or selecting an arbitrary group of people using the control key and dropping them on a table, is brilliant." Alastair, York, England

"Your software rocks. My wife and I were planning one long "Tuscan" table with 40 guests on each side. We would never have been able to do it without Perfect Table [Plan]." Alex, Vancouver, Canada

"I love this software, I cannot imagine planning the wedding without it. It is excellent." Mark, New York, USA

"If I hadn't had your program I would still be working on the seating for the big (115) party we had Saturday night. The seating was difficult as the age range went from 10 weeks to 99 years, some people had difficulties like Alzheimers, and some were teenagers. The drag and drop feature was great." Susan, Chicago, USA

"The software is really good and easy to use. It made a boring job fun." Corinne, Middlesbrough, England

"Absolutely love this software and saves me hours doing table plans!!" Elizabeth, England, Henley Management College

"Absolutely bloody marvellous! I just wanted to say what a brilliant piece of software 'Perfect Table Planner' is. The user interface is superb, I only wish Windows was as user friendly. Please pass on my congratulations to the team that were responsible for its development." Ash, Cambridgeshire, England

"As a person who loves organizing and using the best tools for the job - this fitted my needs perfectly. My wedding is 18 months away and using your software i have designed a preliminary table plan in 2 hours. I can track my invites and monitor RSVP's. I will be recommending this program to my two other friends getting married next year." Victoria, Liverpool, England

"I am very impressed with PerfectTablePlan, it is well worth the money and has saved me hours trying to sort my plan out. All the printing options, from the whole floor plan, to guest lists and single table lists are a great bonus. I would take this opportunity to say how great I think PerfectTablePlan is and thank you for devising it!" Celia, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"I would be lost without your program as I am a dining secretary for a Masonic lodge, it has also helped me on planning our Ladies night." Les, Portsmouth, England

"We bought this program only two weeks before the actual dinner, I think thats why I made some beginners mistakes. BUT that means even more cred to your software! Stressed out as we were everything worked out! And I understood all I needed in a few minutes so I could handle the program." Jonas, Karlskrona, Sweden

"Amazing software!!" Yvonne, North Yorkshire, England

"Just a quick note to say how much I loved perfecttableplan, it was so easy to use and did exactly what I wanted and more. I've already done my brothers wedding plan and am in the process of doing mine, what a great help. Keep up the good work." Audrey, Dundee, Scotland

"This is a great piece of software and easy to use. I followed the steps and had my table plan in about an hour including guest list and meal requirements. ... Anyone faced with pulling together a table plan for the first time would find this a great piece of software to use, even if they weren't particularly technically minded." Carol, Congleton, England

"Put simply, PerfectTablePlan is amazing. When I first tried the software I was blown. I could not believe the value for such a low cost. My fiancé and I are putting the final touches on our wedding (coming up this weekend), and I cannot tell you what an invaluable tool PerfectTablePlan has been. If a guest cancels, we're no longer worried, because with a few quick clicks our entire room/table setup can be completely rearranged." Robert, San Diego, USA

"I really liked the software - it made the seating plan of my wedding - easy. I liked the assigning seats portion and the fact that I can play with that afterwards and modify as needed. Also, the possibility to see the relations between guests - whether they are seating apart or together. Printing the table list was very very useful so we can seat the guests easily (both by table number or alphabetically) - this was GREAT! Thanks again, you have made the most tedious and hectic portion of any wedding, a piece of cake! :)" Ines, Skopje, Macedonia

"Your software is amazing! I've done events with close to 1000 guests and 3 events with over 500 guests, and it's the greatest thing! I wish you all the success that you deserve... it's worth every penny!... Thanks again for everything. You guys rock!" Kelly, Phoenix, USA

"It's great software - we just sat 175 people for my daughter's wedding. We used the stationery for place cards and everything was amazingly efficient. For our purposes, the stationery connection to Avery labels was unbelievably helpful." Ruth, Calgary, Canada

"It has been used successfully on Vista to plan, organise and print out all details for a dinner seating 164 people. I was impressed with the ease of execution." Stella, Norfolk, England

"I was testing Perfect Table Plan with a PR-Agency, organizing an event in Monaco. It was a tremendous success and the PR-agency was really happy with your software (the management asked: "Why didn't we use this software earlier?")." Dr. Eva Bothe, Schoeller & Von Rehlingen Public Relations

"The Perfect Table Plan is excellent! It saved me hours of time in preparing my Company's Christmas Party seating plan. I have already recommended the product to other colleagues." Susan Goddard, TailorMade Group

"I am still getting used to the programme, but I think it's brilliant and I can't think of anything else it needs. It's certainly an improvement with what I used to do with Excel!" John, Cornwall, England

"I have found this product brilliant. It is saving me hours as I don't have to move post it notes around to try and plan how to seat people ... Perfect Table Plan is proving invaluable." Loraine, Milton Keynes, England

"I purchased this program to handle the seating at an event that I chaired for my son's school last Saturday night. It was fabulous help seating the 250 attendees. I looked at several programs and tried the demos before deciding upon PerfectTablePlan. It was the most economical and the easiest to use." Nancy, Great Falls, USA

"It worked perfectly. I was able to forward the seating plan to my caterer which arranged each seat as I had requested. My calligrapher also received a copy to the seating plan to facilitate accuracy of the placards. I loved it and I will use it again." LoriAnn, Philadelphia, USA

"This program is so great, I began to fantasize about quitting my job to become a wedding planner...just so I could use it all the time! Thanks again for awesome product!!!" Tracy, Ontario, Canada

"I thought it would have taken months to arrange table plans and invites etc, however after about an hour of inserting my guests the plan was all sorted now I can sit back and relax ad enjoy the months leading up to our wedding without any worries." Julie, Northumberland, England

"I am a keen and grateful user, you have made our wedding planning a delight!" Sixten, London, England

"I loved how I could easily change tables around and the names of the tables then drop and drag guests. I used this program for a Awards dinner for a school district of 700 people. I group the tables from High School, to Middle School to Elementary school together. At the end of the process I always seem to have additions for the school requiring shifting the groups over. It was so easy this your system." Sherry, Alberta, Canada

"Remarkable program. Have been searching for something with this capability for several years and never could find. There is tremendous push to use online services, the cloud, the web....and all of that is useless for us and for good planning of events, especially seating. Always wanted a standalone software package with good import/export capabilities. Perfect Table Plan has it, and more. For several years I've been using Microsoft Access, and also an "event" package that is a neglected option on our inhouse membership Oracle database, but it doesn't approach all the capabilities of Perfect Table Plan. Thank you all for creating such a robust, intelligently designed piece of software. Intuitive, remarkably easy to use, yet able to handle a number of complex, large events, and turn out impressive reports, seating plans, and designs.... Right down to the precise look of the badges we prefer." Elizabeth Bancroft, Executive Director, AFIO

"We are really pleased with the package, and it is nice and easy to use too. Even for those not so switched on to software packages. The hotel we are using were also impressed with the standard of our table plan. Ease of moving people onto tables etc is very good. Overall a very good investment" Debbie, Norwich, England

"I really enjoy working with your program. It is very intuitive and so easy to use. We used to plan events with a big poster board and post-its, but not anymore!" Gabe, Stanford, USA

"Overall--a fantastic piece of software!" Dafna, Michigan, USA

"Thank you for a very fast and efficient service. Software is great and easy to use (especially for me as computers etc and I don't mix!!). Wonderful and has saved me hours of work - many thanks. I certainly will be recommending this to other people I know." Rachel, Essex, England

"I think perfect table plan is amazing, it has helped me so much and I am so happy I bought it. There is no fault with it at all, its easy and quick to use. Best money I spent!" Iona, Perth, Scotland

"2nd year running 400 person "Leavers Ball" - fantastic software, made designing a seating chart a breeze." Peter, Somerset, England

"I have found your software a great help. I'm not a very technical person, so the fact that I have found your table planner easy to use says it all." Rachel, Dorset, England

"It really is a perfect tool! We had a wonderful wedding dinner with 80 guests over 7 tables, all very nicely done thanks to you." Arent, Netherlands

"This has got to be the best $50 I have ever invested in my country club." William Allfather Jr, Lake Naomi Club

"I have to say that PerfectTable Plan is an excellent tool. I used it for an event over the weekend and it was absolutley brilliant. The clients were late in sending me all the guest names, menu choices and table allocations etc. I received it all around 6pm on Friday and I was able to produce a table chart, guest list (alphabetical) and place cards for a party of 168 by about 10.30 pm that same evening!! Fantastic!!" Ruth, Etikette events

"This software was amazing in arranging the seating of my guests at my son's barmitzvah. I have had personalised menu cards printed and therefore, this programme enabled me to give a precise plan of where everyone was to sit to the caterer. It was extremely easy to use - you don't need to be that computer friendly. Excellent!" Shelley, Leeds, England

"I do have to say that your Perfect Table Plan programme is absolutely ideal, I just wish it had been out years ago. The hours I have spent in the past, messing around with Visio and Excel to produce a table plan product. Then the extra aggravation of having to write out a separate sheet to ensure that everyone had paid on the night etc. Followed by endless amendment, crossings out, adding in people to the final product. Whereas now it is so simple to sort, easy to use and with the added functionality to be able to manage who has and hasn't paid, what meal they want etc etc, ideal. A great product and I will certainly be promoting it." Pete, Worcester, England

"I was extremely pleased with the ease with which it imported data and general user friendliness of the software. ... The software was very intuitive and definitely made it a breeze to manage the seating arrangements for over 400 guests, which would have been almost impossible otherwise." Surajit, Texas, USA

"I can't say enough good things about your software! I have never purchased software that worked so well, that did everything it was supposed to and even more than I had even considered needing it to do. I've had no problems or issues at all. I would recommend your software without hesitation to anyone needing to plan table assignments for a wedding or other function. The price was a steal, it saved me untold hours of tedium! Keep up the good work!" Ben, Oakland, USA

"Just wanted to let you know you have an excellent product and equally impressive customer support. I used your product several years ago for my niece's wedding and revisited again recently for another friend's wedding after upgrading. The software is so intuitive and quite frankly fun to use. The final Floor Plan/Guest Chart was a huge hit with all the guests and the Bride and Groom on the day! Thank you..." Denzil, Atlanta, USA

"Over all I'm sooooooo Very Happy to have found this program. I wish I had had it when we started planning this and the past 6 dinners." Sr. Maria Johanna, Saint Emma Monastery

"I absolutely loved your program. I just finished planning a dinner for 400 guests and your program made it all possible. I do not know what I would have done without it. I have had many people ask about how they can purchase the program and I am hesitant to tell them because I don't want them to know how easy it is to plan such a big event with Perfect Table Plan (they now think that I am an excellent planner who worked very hard to do such a great job planning my event)." Mike, Ohio, USA

"I love the program it works great. I purchased it to plan out the floor plan for a large outdoor wedding and ceremony and it has made my life much easier." Yvette, Michigan, USA

"It saved us so much time and effort. I'll be honest that my then-fiancee (now my wife) wanted to just use the old index-card method, but I thought the software would prove better for changes and rearranges, etc. Turns out I was right. As is to be expected, there were many last-minute changes to our guest list, and your software made it possible to easily figure out ways to accommodate. A very effective $30 spent!" Stephen, Chicago, USA

"Absolutely worth every penny paid for the standard PerfectTablePlan software program! I just became my reception venue's favorite bride ever when I came to my final meeting to book the venue with a complete floor plan diagram for my wedding reception. PerfectTablePlan is making my wedding planning extremely easy... even with over 275 people on our guest list! I am eager to receive our invitation RSVPs & begin completing each guests table setting on PerfectTablePlan. ... My first reaction was that I shouldn't have to pay for a floor planning tools. But after reading how I would avoid the headache & stress of arranging the seating plans, I realized that the small charge is still better than free! I'm going to completely miss the part of wedding planning that all brides dread." Correy, Los Angeles, USA

"I found the program online and the reason I bought it was because there were so many great comments about the program and how it made their life easier... It does believe me! Once you get the hang of how it works its great! Well and truely worth the small amount spent!" Rose, Newman, Western Australia

"I've certainly appreciated the program - I used it earlier this month for our Valedictory Dinner, which is a black-tie dinner for 320 people. The person whose role I've stepped into used to allow a team of 3 people a full day (7 hours) to organise the seating for everyone. Even with me manually entering guests seating preferences I was able to get it done by myself in around 2.5 hours - and the result pleased far more people than usual." Callum Forbes, Secretary of Trinity College, University of Melbourne

"Perfect Table Plan is intuitive and simple to use. The drag and drop facility makes it easy to try out different options for seating guests as well as to adjust for those last minute cancellations." Paul Elliott, Worshipful Company of Scriveners

"I am using this with my daughter for her wedding, I am very impressed with your program and its very easy to use. It has such great features. Its worth the money just for the time and effort saved. Thanks for such great software." Shawn , Moncton, Canada

"I have to produce the occasional Masonic Festive Board Table Plan and recently was required to organise a Ladies Night Festival for some 100 people. Where was this programme when I was younger and had more of this sort of thing to arrange? Buy with confidence, you cannot arrange a function with anything other than this programme, it is more than cost effective and does more than it says on the tin." Brian, Exeter, England

"I have used it in planning a Masonic Ladies Night, i.e. Table Plans, Place Cards etc. An excellent programme with very professional-looking results which have impressed the Organiser at our chosen venue. An easy system to download & use. That from somebody who often has the occasional urge to do battle with his computer!! Very many thanks." Michael Pomroy, Lodge of Perseverence No.213, Norwich

"Let me start by saying how good the program is, I regularly have to produce table plans for my meetings and PerfectTablePlan make life so easy when I have to make changes (and this can be up to a dozen times before the event)." Nick, Oxford, England

"I think the system is excellent, my computer prowess is far from good and I have sought advice from friends. Even though the system appears to be idiot proof there are people like me. Having practiced with various options of lay outs it's brilliant, although I will need help from time to time. I am a Freemason and your programme was recommended by another. In those immortal words: if I can use it anyone can." David, Reading, England

"Using PerfectTablePlan has very much improved the ease of creating table plans for all our events." Fleur Layzell, The Salters' Institute

"As Senior Business Events Manager at Yell I first started using this software about 4 years ago. I think we started out with version 2. It was one of the best software buys we ever made. It immediately transformed our approach to seating plans. In 20 years in the events industry I have never come across a piece of software that more accurately and efficiently serves its purpose. It does exactly what it says in a completely intuitive and straightforward way. To use it first time is really easy, which is a testament to the way the package has been written with the ordinary user in mind. Yet it also copes with so many parameters and situations. The service and support provided by PerfectTablePlan has been exemplary throughout. I can recommend the product and the support unreservedly. Now that I am running my own business I look forward to continuing to use PerfectTablePlan for many years to come." Richard Kidd, RGK Solutions

"We loved your program, it made the table arrangements for our wedding a breeze. Because it is for Mac and PC, I could use my Mac to make the planning and my wife's laptop to display the arrangements on 2 projectors during the dinner. The website we used for the wedding planners. The import function from our excel guest list worked perfectly. For our use I could not wish for much more. It was worth every cent. Thank you and thank your team." Menno, Haarlem, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for your very prompt replies, Perfect Table is an absolutely brilliant program, you should be Knighted for devising this program." Keith, Lancashire, England

"I had this recommended to me when I made my first son's barmitzvah 3 years ago - it was THE most helpful tool - I have recommended it to at least 10 friends in the last couple of months, who have all found it the most useful £20 spent! I personally used it for 3 different meals - table plans, place cards, room plans, room plans for the caterer - it is seriously fantastic, so thank you for that as well!" Rachel, London, England

"Yesterday I bought a copy of Perfect Table Plan v5 and I am writing to say how impressed I am with it. A really professional bit of software which seems to have been carefully developed to cope with all the little things which crop up when doing a placement. I had originally thought of writing a program myself but I am glad to say that I ran out of time and decided to buy some software off the shelf. I am so glad that I did as I would not have made anything like as good a job. One might well say "why re-invent the wheel when there is a excellent example already available." My thanks to you." Denys, Glasgow, Scotland

"This is wonderful software you developed here - thank you for all of your help." Stephan Magro, Assistant Director Events, Harvard University

"We only use PTP 2 times a year (for 2 major dinners seating approx. 130 each time various food combinations etc) but we love it and your amazing support. Many Thanks." Peter C, Sussex, England

"My table plan is complete and it looks great. What a lovely piece of software this is. I learn something every time I use it." Phil W., Yorkshire, England

"In the past I have used a combination of powerpoint and excel to create a successful but time-consuming seating chart that worked well enough. A colleague of mine, knowing my struggle, found PerfectTablePlan.com and sent the link over to me. What a relief! I plan four big events each year and go through about 15 revisions of seating charts for each! I have only been using PTP for a week, but am very impressed with the functionality and the ease of use. This software is well worth the small investment to save both my time and sanity!" JG, Connecticut, USA

"Planning my wedding seating and your product has made that (and some unforeseen last minute changes) a breeze. Best $30 I ever spent. The software is easy to use, just drag and drop, and the reports function saves you time and errors in ways that don't even realize until you start using it. Guest not coming? No problem ... make the seating edit and rerun the reports. Fabulous. I handed the event coordinator the meal and seating printouts and she was VERY impressed to say the least. This product saved me literally days of hand counting meal choices and trying to create crude seating plans in other software. Bravo! It's simply the best software I have used in years. An absolute pleasure and incredibly intuitive. Saved me days of work. Nice job!" Paul Hathaway, Boston, USA

"Very satisfied with PTP. Also your customer service is first class. Thank you." Terry Woodward, Norfolk, England

"Perfect table plan is a godsend. I have just finished an event with Federal Ministers, high profile CEO's and Governors. Having the ability to easily move guests around at the drop of a hat was a luxury I have never had before." Gary Williams, Message Stick Group

"I just want to say thank you for creating such a fantastic piece of software, it helped me enormously for my wedding in 2010 and has been a godsend to 3 of my friends who have got married since. I have always raved about Perfect Table Plan." Rhiannon, Surrey, England

"This software works perfect. I purchased it to make table plan for our wedding. With 100 guests the table planning could take a long time, but with PerfectTablePlan this was really fun." Sigmund Hjorth, Norway

"It was very easy to use. It was easy to import a .csv file and the stationery to print labels and place cards was a dream come true. I also used the VDU display of the tables and table assignments and got lots of comments from people about how easy it was to find their assigned seats." Stew C, British Columbia, Canada

"The product is truly excellent and covers just about every guest dining arrangements one could wish for. I am only at the start of my learning how to use many of the features this product has to offer and I am confident it will be of great use to me as a Dining Secretary." Michael Kirkham, Berkshire, England

"I was planning my daughters Bat Mitzvah for 180 people and was not sure how I could do the table plans. You advertised on one of the sites I went to for Reception ideas. I am so glad I bought your product and it imported easily into my Avery Labels to print." Amy J, California, USA

"It is a brilliant piece of kit, saves me no end of time." Phil S, Newport, Wales

"Just a note to say I have used Perfect Table Plan for the first time on Saturday Last, for a Masonic Ladies Night. It made the job so much easier than having bits of paper with names everywhere - well impressed. I would recommend it to anyone. " Roy Tebbitts, Secretary, Colwyn Lodge

"We purchased PTP a year ago for our 600+ person President’s Gala and our seating headaches disappeared. The product is easy to use, flexible and very user-friendly." Valerie Thompson, American Academy of Dermatology

"Congratulations on a SUPERB piece of software! I had to do a table/seating plan last week for 84 people. Did it in a rush/very last minute. Bought your software (Home version) and with only 1/2 hour of practice/discovery was able to produce a fabulous plan and print everything I needed." Edward Archer, Paris, France

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Perfect Table Plan. I was in charge of seating arrangements for a fundraising luncheon for 600+ people. It was my first time to do anything like this, and the person who was in charge last year talked about what a huge job the seating arrangements were. People were literally e-mailing and texting me with changes a couple of hours before the event. I was stressed as anything going into it, but everything went so smoothly. I was able to set up shop with my laptop and Perfect Table plan, and it was so easy to find missing people, or figure out where last minute guests needed to go. One person came in at the last minute in a wheel chair, so it was nice to be able to pull up the floor plan and find her a seat near the door. I was able to print out guest charts for all our members to help our guests find seats and everyone commented on how smoothly and easily everyone got to their seats this year. Thank you so much for such a great program!" Sherry Phelps, www.goodfriendsofwilmington.org

"You guys are totally the best! Great Product, Great Price, Great Customer Support! I tell anyone who wants to listen…" Joe S., Ohio, USA

"In desperation, I purchased Perfect Table Plan the day before I was due to arrange the seating plan for a gala dinner of 96 people. My colleague and I had tried to do it manually and we kept losing people and generally were getting in a real muddle. I didn't have time to read the full instructions, but the programme is intuitive and was so easy to use. We organised it all in no time and as a couple of cancellations and late acceptances came in late it coped so easily, changing a couple of tables from 10 to 11 effortlessly. A real gem of a programme and I have recommended it to all my colleagues throughout the UK." Michael Learmond, Federation of Small Businesses

"Opened up Perfect Table Plan on monday night and did our seating chart in an hour. whaat?!?! This program is life changing!" sylvie_b on Twitter

"I am loving the Table planner. It makes it so much easier than using Excel and I like the options for the type of seating you can choose. Makes everything look so much more professional." Diane M., Rochdale, England

"I'd like to say that this is one incredible product, especially at the $30 price point for the home edition. The user interface is very intuitive and user friendly. Also, I have not had any crashes or encountered any bugs. Being a software developer myself, I can say that at least in my experience using the product that this is a very high quality product worth the price." John N., Illinois, USA

"Dear Perfect Plan People, there is nothing that can possibly be improved on a most perfect product." Hans, Mudgee, Australia

"Just want to let you know your program is working BEAUTIFULLY for my 2,500 guests! I've actually had fun (!) using it this weekend. This program is an event planner's dream come true. Thanks for anticipating all of my needs!" Jodi, In Any Event, Michigan, USA

"Getting to grip with the program and currently very happy. Much easier than using Exel which I have been doing for years!! " Peter S., Hampshire, England

"The whole process of downloading, installing and licensing PerfectTablePlan was slick, smooth and quick. From the very start, I have found the product a delight to use, it is very intuitive and produces a superb result. It is very straightforward to make edits or corrections to the seating plans and the final product looks very professional. I would highly recommend PerfectTablePlan to anyone who has a requirement to produce seating plan for any type of event. Congratulations to the PerfectTablePlan development Team!" Damian W., Corby, England

"I used Perfect Table Plan to organise a prestigious, black tie dinner for 250 guests last month and found the programme to be an enormous help. I found the software intuitive to use and if I had a query I sent an email to the technical support and a reply would come back straightaway to solve the problem for me. I used the programme to print out the charts for the tables, the guest list, the charts for the caterers for people with dietary requirements and all the place cards - it is brilliant. Full marks for the technical support as well as the programme itself. There is no way I could have organised the dinner properly or so efficiently without it and I will certainly use it now for any event that I organise in the future." Jane, London, England

"What fabulous customer service! (You can quote me on that). Thank you so much for your helpful and amazingly prompt reply." Katherine, London, England

"I was looking for place cards for the table when I came across your software, couldn't believe my luck, I think it's great." M H, Yorkshire, England

"PerfectTablePlan was a lifesaver during our most recent event." Lisa Hazlett, TaxFoundation.org

"One of the best bits of software I have used - intuitive, hugely time-saving and so many options for presentation. Have found nothing it won't do for a dinner for 124 people and I could import the data from my excel file. Don't normally respond to requests for feedback but this has been so good!" Alan, Devon, England

"Thoroughly enjoyed using your program...its superb...very impressive." Sharon, Ipswich, England

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing your software worked in planning my daughter special day. I purchased it two years ago when I was organizing my daughter's Quince party and I just used it again for my 2nd daughter's Quince and it made life so easy for me. That was the only thing that was hassle free about the party. I was so organized because of your software." Iliana, Miami, USA

"Absolutely delighted with this. It's made the job an enjoyment rather than a chore. I'd recommend it to anyone!!" Nicholas, Derbyshire, England

"We couldn't manage without it!!" Kim Neville, The Pink Pumpkin Wedding Design

"Phenomenal! I'd been searching for a software like this and I found you two days ago! After a 5-10 minute evaluation, I KNEW that this was the most efficient and effective tool for our company's seating chart/plan creation and purchased it immediately! As it happens, we have a dinner event on a yacht at weekend so I immediately began inputing the guest list for the team to work from. The client called us today with the totally predictable changes and additional guests and last minute cancellations... Perfect TablePlan made it all so incredibly easy to correct! I insisted I be the one to do it because it was so much fun and so easy! After less than five minutes, a click here and a drag there, I could only sit back, smugly satisfied, giddy and smiling uncontrollably! I've shared it with everyone on a new wedding network (forum) that just started this week and gave you a glowing review!! I've sent it to colleagues and competitors! There's no way I couldn't have done! Thanks so much for making planning tables SO VERY EASY that I actually had time to send you this tonight instead of working on the plan!" MW Savant, New Jersey & Florida Keys, USA, CEO savvyplanners.com

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"Overall, a tremendous program and a great help in planning my daughter's wedding" Tony, Brisbane, Australia

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"Seating plans have always been a horrific ordeal for me. For my own wedding I used PerfectTableplan for the first time and it was an incredible help. I have not seen much software where you can honestly say that it brought much efficiency. This is one of the most efficient tools I have seen in a while, it is easy to use, and really helps you to get the task done quicker! I can highly recommend it." Henrik Boenstab, Hamburg, Germany

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"I LOVE your program. Having over 160 guests can get confusing and hard to situate. It was so easy to navigate through and gave me all the options I needed for planing my wedding seating arrangement, creating guest lists and menu options. I also thought that the option of situation people according to who they get along with or who they do not was a great feature of your product. It was so easy to use. I have recommended it to everyone that I know, hosting an event." Crystal, Arizona, USA

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"I have been using your software this week in preparation of our big annual gala. Your product is so easy to use and navigate. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product. I have already shared your product name with other foundation executives as a must have for their event planning." Jon Green, Executive Director, Altru Health Foundation

"Thank you so much for this product!! I was warned that table planning was one of the worst things to sort out for your wedding, but with this it turned out to be so simple. Once I had plugged in all the information the resulting plan had only a few tweeks and EVERYONE agreed with the results. Family tantrums avoided! Wonderful! Even the venue complimented the results, and found the highlighting of food requirements invaluable." Leasa, Guildford, England

"Having almost broken up over the guest list I was very anxious about the table planning as everyone I knew who'd been married said that was more stressful. Not with perfect table plan, the software was so easy to use and gave us great results. The events co-ordinator at the hotel thought we were amazing because all the information we provided was so easy for her to use. Best of all me and my future husband didn't have one cross word. Thank you, I'm telling everyone I know who has a wedding or big event coming up that they have to get this piece of software." Emily, Brighton, England

"I am very happy with PerfectTable Plan, my youngest daughter is getting married next winter so we are starting the guest lists. If only I'd had this software when my eldest daughter married a few years ago, it would have made the difficult seating assignments so much easier. Even without the guide and tutorial, I was able to understand the commands and selections right away." Mary, Washington DC, USA

"We purchased Perfect Table Plan for my daughter's wedding. We had to sit 140 people at 15 tables. My daughter is on her honeymoon at the moment, but I think I can safely say that she found the plan excellent. She got to grips with the software very quickly and found all the elements really easy to use. I think we can safely say that it is an excellent product and, for the price, it was very good value for money. Clare has already recommended it to a friend." Helen, Bristol, England

"It was very helpful. I didn't read tutorial, dove right in and figured it all out. What a great help! I knew something had to exist to help me with seating and I googled it. So glad I did." Natalie Friedl, Community Assessment and Treatment Services

"I love the program. It is very user friendly and it provides everything that I need for my event. What I like about it is that I can print the guest list in various ways and the ease of adding the names to the seats is awesome. Other programs did not provide that feature." Valerie, Fayetteville, USA

"I must say that when I first came across perfect table plan I thought that it was a really good idea and piece of software and my opinion is still the same!! and all for only £19.95." Richard, Cheshire, England

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"I found PerfectTablePlan to be extremely helpful at a time when I needed it. This was the first time I had to organise a banquet and had to arrange the seating and do stationary at the last minute. I was so glad this software automatically inserted the names into the stationary. I would recommend it." Diane, Walsall, England

"I have to say that I found this to be one of the best written pieces of software I have used - (and that is saying a lot). I was particularly impressed by the fluid way in which several hundred names from an Excel database could be assembled into place names and then the drag and drop from name to table was seamless. ... We used the software to prepare for a large wedding anniversary party last weekend with not a single seating error!" Gordon, Cambridge, England

"It saved me from a terminal brainstorm in preparing my 70th birthday dinner party for about 180 people. TERRIFIC ! Many thanks. Farewell to a million bits of paper, pencils and rubbers. By the time my 80th arrives I shall have mastered the secondary services but the table planner was worth every penny." Alan, Mallorca, Spain

"PerfectTablePlan is probably the best software purchase I have made for years. It is not only simple to use but produces professional results with the minimum amount of work possible. The first time we used your program it will have saved at least 8 hours work and produced a much more professional end product. Absolutely outstanding value." Tim, Fitzwilliam College

"We just purchased your program and have had only one chance to use it, however, I have to see it is one of the easiest - and most fun - programs I have ever used. Previously, we were trying to do our table seating using a wordprocessor, and making changes was always quite difficult. Your program was easy to learn and gave us different "cuts" at the information - and the graphics are fantastic! So far, I haven't found any drawbacks or improvements needed." Mindy, The Walt Disney Company

"Your software I found was absolutely invaluable. The format was easy to follow, the system of marking ages and sexes of people a brilliant idea. When looking at the overview of a table configuration it made the job so easy to see opposite sexes of people together etc. I loved the way it incorporated a way of avoiding putting people together - luckily this didn't apply to our wedding! The print layout was also good, as it meant I could hand it to the caterers for them to lay the tables, knowing exactly who sat where. So, in overview - the best £20 spent for our wedding. Thankyou!" Jane, Wiltshire, England

"PerfectTablePlan was an amazing find. We completely surprised our wedding coordinator with a fully mapped out seating chart and entree list. I would guess we saved well over $2000 by making these arrangements ourselves using PerfectTablePlan. Plus, we sat everyone where we knew they had friends and family nearby -- you can't put a number on that!" Dan, Boston, USA

"Our organization has 2 events per year with over 600 participants per year. This year, with the help of Perfect Table Plan, our check-in process was completely flawless. I would highly encourage anyone to purchase and use this program. It was very user friendly and I learned it very quickly." Susie, Scottsdale, USA

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"A fantastic, clever concept, which made the evening go without a hitch. Everyone knew where they were seated and all commented on how professional it all was." Craig, Lincoln, England

"I went searching on the internet for ideas and how to even get started....and poof! I found you guys!!! What a blessing. I didn't even have to convince my husband to let me buy it-he said it was awesome too! The best part was the trial version. That helped me experiment before committing. That was the clincher because anyone who uses it will more than likely purchase. It's super affordable very user friendly and quite efficient! For the events I plan on holding every month this would not be the place to skimp out-floor plans are critical for me and so I must say thanks for being there when I needed help." Jenn, Pennsylvania, USA

"Perfect Table is a terrific program. I am the events manager for a very active museum and your program makes my life SO much easier." Julie Chase, The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

"The wedding was booked over a year ago and I've only just purchased PerfectTablePlan to organise the table planning. However, there is so much more to the program, I wish I had purchased it from the start and listed all the guests as the invitations were sent. It's fantastic." Sally, Kent, England

"I bought it only a couple of weeks before my wedding, primarily so that I could print my table plan out properly, but wished I'd known about it from the beginning, so that I could have kept a record of my RSVPs etc too. My table plan looked very professional and everyone was impressed!" Nadine, Rugby, England

"I must say that Perfect Table Plan has been an amazing tool for a seated event that I am doing tomorrow. Not only is it a great tool, but you are the most gracious, responsive and nicest company I have dealt with in a VERY long time. Your customer service, immediate response to my emails and diligence in communication is to be praised. Thank you so much. I would recommend you to anyone." Janna Bowman, J. Duck Productions

"Thank you so much for your prompt help. You have the best customer support of any online service I have ever used." Lucy, London, England

"I just wanted to say the Perfect table plan is brilliant. I was dreading trying to work out the seating plan, and this has made it so easy. The best part of it is being able to print it out for the hotel manager with all the details on it. What would have taken us hours to sort out took just 20 minutes. We have 150 for sit down meal in the afternoon, with an additional 160 guests arriving in the evening. So you can well imagine trying to do a table plan from scratch was an absolute nightmare, on top of that we have three different types of favours for the guests, and a lot of guests with diet requirements, from celiac to diabetics, with the use of your programme I have been able to do a very comprehensive plan with all requirements on it, that is both easy for me to read, and easy for the hotel staff to read from the print out, once again thanks for a brilliant product." Frances, Dublin, Ireland

"My favourite thing about PerfectTablePlan is the ease of use. It hadn't occurred to me how complicated seating all of our wedding guests could be until I tried it with just a pen and paper. PerfectTablePlan helped me solve all the issues that came up easily and now everything works brilliantly. Thanks for a great product." Orion, Bristol, England

"It works great! I am skeptic when it comes to programs such as this. When I gave it a whirl for a few days I was really impressed!. It was more than I expected and had covered every aspect of planning an event. Thank you for your time and thought in making such a wonderful product. I will certainly pass the word along to others who I feel would benefit from this tool as I am. ... I'm so excited! My sister will be sooooo jealous when she sees this. Her daughter got married last year and I remember her doing her seating arrangements without a program. It was very time consuming for her." Denice, Illinois, USA

"We are very impressed by PerfectTablePlan. We used it to do the seating for a 500+ people gala dinner. I would just like to thank you for an excellent program - it is the best spent EUR 24.95 for a long time." Magnus Lindell, Globe Forum Business network

"I think perfect table is amazing, its proved to be a great help so far and has saved me days of planning by hand!!" Kate, Kent, England

"After 10 minutes, I thought that this was probably the most practical time-saving application I have ever used. After an hour going through all its facets, I not only think it - I KNOW it. In 10 minutes I completed and printed in glorious colour, a table plan for 84 people which normally takes me about an hour to do by hand. I cannot recommend it highly enough - £20 is too cheap!" Ken, Harrow, England

"I've talked to everyone about the software!! It makes life SO much easier!! It is the single greatest invention for party planning! :D Thank you soooo much!!" Blanca, Pittsburg, USA

"Had it since 2009 when the organising of a 160-odd person lunch was passed to me. I'd seen it done by hand - what a nightmare - and Googled "table planning software" in desperation. I and people following me (we have an organisation licence as well my personal one) have organised 4 smaller lunches and 3 big ones since with the next one in December, and haven't looked back. It's great." John, Essex, England

"I've rarely bought a programme from the web without some annoying feature, but yours is absolutely perfect and the instructions are clear and simple. Don't fix what ain't broken! Thanks for everything that made my daughters wedding table planning, a 'piece of cake'." John, York, England

"WOW! I'm soooo impressed. Thank you for making my life so much easier. :-)" Pauline, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"We have only used it once for a 100 person dinner, and it did everything and more. I would, and already have recommended it other meeting planners. Your program saved me many hours of time and grief." Ruth, Washington, USA

"I found the programme very straight forward and easy to use, and would recommend it to anyone planning or organising social and formal functions." Robert, Southend on Sea, England

"I love love love love love the PerfectTablePlan, best money I ever spent. I bought it to plan my wedding and it makes life so much easier." Janet, Dublin, Ireland

"A handy tool for all sorts of events - and affordable even if you're only doing your own wedding (once!)." Helen, Leeds, England

"Really like the program. Informative website - downloaded a sample and then almost immediately bought it. Have just used for first event - simple, easy to use and made all the last minute changes easy to do." Clare, Chichester, England

"I purchased the table plan software package from you last year after having been requested to produce a plan for up to 1000 guests for a Masonic Charity Celebration Gala Dinner. I felt obliged to advise you that the plan was indeed a Perfect Table Plan without which I would never have achieved this mammoth task. I found it very easy to work with and the continuity of adding and subtracting guests even at the eleventh hour gave me no problems whatsoever. My colleagues were absolutely amazed at the finished product and the evening itself was a huge success and the table plan itself was PERFECT in every way. Many thanks, without your software it would have been almost impossible but as it turned out I was able to sit back and thoroughly enjoy the evening with a broad smile on my face feeling totally satisfied with with my contribution to the resultant excellent evening." Alan, North Yorkshire, England

"The Software is a fantastic tool for easily managing an event - the table allocation is one of the most crucial aspects of whether or not an event will be a successful networking opportunity. Nothing compares to the software as no spreadsheet will ever be able to give you all the comfortable features you have with this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is doing events professionally." Christina Neubauer, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

"You saved our wedding. had 117 persons planned in 2 hours! thanks a lot!" Roberto, Hamburg, Germany

"I would just like to say as an event organiser how invaluable this tool has been to me! It makes the whole process of assigning delegates and adjusting for cancellations so much easier." Sara, everyevent.co.uk

"We are very pleased with the Perfect Table Plan - no alterations necessary. It has been a godsend getting nearer the event, as people have cancelled and we can easily rearrange the plan." Carey, Surrey, England

"I think it speaks volumes about the quality of your product that we were able to download it two weeks ago and use it so effectively for a 300-person event that happened last Friday. With a little more time, I'll be able to figure out all of its functionality! I've already recommended Perfect TablePlan to some other people who do this type of event." Jeff Hill, Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

"I am thoroughly in love with your product - it has made my life so much easier. Thanks." Robertine, Houston, USA

"We're just recovering from a big, 200 guest, party to celebrate my wife's (ahem) Big Birthday. Despite having party organisers I had been struggling to stay on top of invites, responses, tentatives, dietary issues, etc., etc. When it came to the table plan I thought there just has to be a better way. A quick Google search produced Perfect Table Plan. I cannot begin to praise you enough. It is simply sensational as a tool for organising a party. It is so complete and well thought out that I quickly (10mins?) understood it and knew I could rely on it. The party organisers were most embarrassed that I was able to produce table plans, guest lists (with notes regarding dietary requirements and other quirks) and table lists to be distributed to each member of staff. So many guests commented on the professionalism of the staff and I know that was largely because they were so well informed by the information I had supplied from Perfect Table Plan. I wish I had begun to use it earlier on in the party's organisation but nonetheless it was completely invaluable. Thank you." Simon Binder, Luc's Brasserie

"The event went very well, and your software saved me a great deal of grief and aggro. Well done on an excellent program." Richard, London, England

"Generally I think the software is excellent. I have produced a professional quality plan with minimum difficulty and had fun putting it together. I bought the mid-level functionality and have not regretted spending the cash on it." Alison, Cheshire, England

"I found the PerfectTablePlan to be excellent value for money and really easy to use. There is nothing I would change about it. Without PerfectTablePlan I would have spent days trying to sort it all out. Thank you for providing a fabulous product." Lottie, Milton Keynes, England

"I can't wait for the next update. I was one of the early users for Masonic work. I organise 6 Lodges for dining and would not be without "The Perfect Table Plan". Roy, London, England

"I couldn't manage without it when organising the various functions I seem to get myself involved in!!!...If I can do it - then as my wife says - anyone can. Thanks again." Bryan, London, England

"I would like to share with you in how important Perfect Table Plan' has become to me. Creating an organized seating plan/ room layout for each of my events - I can't do without. It helps me to share with vendors in what it suppose to look like and I can have everyone work in harmony together. It has become the best program in my collection." Cathrin, Cathrin D'Entremont Weddings

"Thus far, I have not come across anything that I would want to change about this piece of software. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised by the software's (Visio-like) capability to design an accurate floor plan, which I was not expecting, but has been incredibly helpful. In brief, it's been amazing! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends who are due to get married next year too!" Steph, San Diego, USA

"It's just perfect." Robin Falcon, The King's School

"As a complete novice with technology I found your Perfect Table Plan easy to use and was a great help with organising my daughter's wedding. Could not have produced table plans without your help. Thanks." Susan H, Bathgate, Scotland

"In scope of a very high profile & prestigious event containing of 2 groups 650 pax over 3 days per group we have been asked by the client to manage the seating of their guests during all occasions of their stay. After some time of research we gladly found PerfectTablePlan as the ideal tool to manage all our clients requirements. Furthermore we found PerfectTablePlan easy to learn, fun to work with and giving us a maximum of flexibility in handling even very short notice changes and requirements. Allow us to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your support during our trial run phase and beyond! Rest assured we will gladly recommend your product to anybody seeking a proper catering & hospitality guest management tool." Vera Lahme & Frank Lieberuks, Upgrade Hospitality GMBH

"Thank you for producing the most functional and intuitive software I have used. Every thing worked perfectly and late changes were so easy to deal with. It was only a small luncheon party (88 guests) but important to me." Derek W, Wales

"I would recommend the software to anyone. This price point is right, I have set a number of table plans in the past manually, and I wish I had had this software before. Even for the linked stationary products, it is worth the money alone." George P., London, England

"Let's just say I am now a hero for finding this software. The event that we are putting on this weekend for about 200 people requires several staff working many hours to pull it off. When I suggested this software they were ecstatic and now that they have used it they are thrilled to no end. Every time we walk by each other in the halls they thank me. We have another copy that will be used for a slightly bigger event in September and now that we have staff that are experienced at using it, they can help the other department get up and running with it when we get closer to the event. Am sure they will like it as much as this first department has. I found this software by googling seating software for events and then reading reviews and looking at cost and features. Obviously, I made the right choice!!!" Judy Gardner, Girl Scouts of Western New York

"Your software is the best that I have seen. I only wish that I had bought it sooner, so that I could take advantage of RSVP tracking. The table and seating planner is fantastic and a pleasure to use. A huge time saver. Kudos." Robert, Manitoba, Canada

"My feedback is that your Perfect Table Plan software is excellent and I have been using it for years. It does everything that I need and makes life extremely easier for me." Ron H, Norfolk, UK

"I have fallen in love with PerfectTablePlan! I came across your product when I researched table cards for an event I was planning. Your website popped up and I found all the information I was looking for and when I saw what your program could do, I didn't even hesitate in the purchase! A large majority of my job is event planning and this will be so helpful going forward.....I can't begin to even tell you how impressed my caterer was!" Stacey B, South Carolina, USA

"Once again your program has made me look like a genius to pull off a luncheon of almost 1600, including 425 8th graders! This is an annual event for our Rotary Club, and I am by no means a professional planner. But your program makes me look organized." Gretchen Bren, Director, Omaha Rotary

"I was talking to someone at Lodge last evening about the program as to how easy it is to use. I said that it was the best user experience I have had in many years of computing, he agreed. We both felt that you have created something that deals with great complexity but with the user interface made as simple as possible." Peter T, Porthcawl, Wales

"I love it. unfortunately, so does my daughter, she keeps changing everything around... now I can keep smiling ... I have PerfectTablePlan!" Peter V., Switzerland

"We are extremely satisfied with Perfect Table Plan. It does everything we hoped for and has greatly simplified and improved our Annual Convocation Banquet planning." Michael T. Dunn, Grand Secretary, Grand Chapter State of New York

"Best wishes and thanks for the brilliant program, really transformed my life. Cut table planning down from days/weeks to at the most a couple of hours." W. Bro. Peter Taylor, W. Master of the Lodge of Three Pillars, No 5857

"I have found the software very easy to download, no fuss and only a matter of a few minutes. Great tutorial etc. and I was up and running in no time. Very intuitive with a good Help function. Very satisfied customer." Jim Flinn, UK

"The Perfect Table Plan has saved me many hours in settling the seating for many of our after meeting meals. The ease of the drag and drop facility saves so much time, I was able to change the seating for a recent 140 cover formal (banquet) event which an hour before the meeting changed to 128 diners. The 12 last minute cancellations changed the whole dynamics of the event, so it wasn't just a case removing them from the seating plan and everyone having a little more elbow room. It went from a seven table to a five table event, 10 minutes after receiving the the last cancellation, and several (many) contributions to the swear box, I was printing the revised table plans. It took me longer to sort out the place cards. which had already been prepared and sorted. Thank you." Mike Wood, Deputy Chairman & Webmaster, The TLC Appeal

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