Place Card Templates

Download and print our free tent place card templates. They are designed to be printed onto blank A4 or Letter sized card stock and the guest names written in by hand. They are available as PDFs and as images (PNG format). See below for details of how you can use our PerfectTablePlan software on your PC or Mac to create your own place cards and automatically merge in guest names.

The templates are marked for cutting, folding and writing the guest names. We recommend cutting with a guillotine.

free place card template

Alternatively you can use our PerfectTablePlan software to organize the whole process from creating the guest list, to arranging seating, to printing your place cards. PerfectTablePlan automatically merges your guest names and details into place cards, badges, invitations and other stationery.

design your place card

Design your place card

merge names into place cards

Guest names, seat assignment and dietary requirements (shown here as colour-coded dots) are automatically merged in

You can use any text, images and fonts on your place card. Download a free trial now.

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These templates brought to you by PerfectTablePlan

The easiest way to create a table seating plan for your wedding, celebration or event.