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See at a glance who is sat together more than once

Creating a seating plan for an event is hard enough. But creating multiple seating plans so that the same people don't sit together twice, is an order of magnitude more difficult. Unless you have PerfectTablePlan.

See how easy it is to arrange multiple seatings in PerfectTablePlan:

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PerfectTablePlan's powerful features can save huge amounts of time. In testing we were able to generate 5 seating arrangements for 50 guests, with no two guests sat together twice and generate a report - in less than a minute! That is a vast improvement over doing it 'by hand', which can take days or even weeks. As far as we are aware, there is no other 'off-the-shelf' software with similar capabilities for multiple seating events.

Key PerfectTablePlan features for networking events:

  • Automatically assign multiple seatings in a single operation.
  • Flexible proximity constraints e.g.: seat A next to B at every seating and next to C for 1 seating only; sit guests from the same geographic area together; don't sit members of staff next to each other.
  • Powerful visual reporting to highlight potential issues (e.g. guests sat next to each other in more than one seating when they shouldn't be).
  • Create scale floor plans.
  • Experiment with table shapes and sizes.
  • Keep track of budget, meal preferences and RSVPs.
  • Create reports for caterers and suppliers.
  • Avoid re-typing guest names and details by importing from spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Accommodate inevitable last minute changes with minimal stress.
  • Re-use previous seating plans as templates for new seating plans.
  • Print elegant plans, charts and stationery, including floor plans, table charts, guest lists, escort cards, place cards, table cards and badges.
  • Plan any number of events.
  • No recurring fees. Use indefinitely for a single payment.
  • 3 separate editions (Home, Advanced and Professional) to suit all requirements and budgets.
  • Available for Windows and Macintosh. A single licence covers both platforms.

What customers say about PerfectTablePlan

Xyntéo's mission is to 'reinvent growth'. A key part of our mission is our programme of annual events. One is The Performance Theatre where, over the course of two days, we cater to almost 200 global leaders, politicians, artists and thinkers from around the globe with four different seatings. We follow several 'golden rules' to maximise guest experience. For instance, spouses/partners should be seated at the same table for the two dinners but not at the same tables during the daytime working sessions. Similarly, guests from the same organisation should not be seated with one another. This is obviously a big puzzle, and we find Perfect Table Plan of great help - especially with the easy reporting across multiple plans. On this year's event we saved at least 40 man-hours of work on cross-checks alone.

Øyvind Hellesnes, Xyntéo

We've used the Perfect Table Plan multi seating application for our senior executive development program, where we put a good deal of time and effort into ensuring maximum networking across our cohort groups. Our participants are a diverse group spanning various functions, business units and global locations and have consistently found great value in the relationships they've established while on the residential component of this program. Prior to using Perfect Table Plan, we would track all of our participant demographics and knowledge of each other via Excel. Insuring a max-mix without duplication across multiple seatings throughout various sessions during the week required a good deal of manual tracking and manipulation. We've found Perfect Table to be a great tool to help manage this process more efficiently as it helps automate and streamline a good deal of what we used to spend large amounts of time manually manipulating.

Cheryl, Senior Associate, Talent & Development, Thomson Reuters

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