Wedding Reception Table Plans

wedding reception table plans

A good table seating plan is key to the success of any wedding reception. You don't want to risk a fist fight by putting feuding relatives on the same table! Guests will also remember who they sat next to long after they have forgotten what colour the napkins were or even what food you served.

But trying to plan the seating using a spreadsheet or scraps of paper is a real headache. I guess that's why you are here! Relax, we can help. PerfectTablePlan has been designed to make this (previously painful) task, as quick, easy and error-free as possible. It can even save you money by allowing you to design and and print your own plans, charts and place cards.

Key PerfectTablePlan features for weddings:

  • Import guests lists from spreadsheets or other applications - no need to re-type all the names.
  • Store all your information in one convenient database.
  • Manage your guest list and RSVPs. Track guest meal choices and other preferences.
  • Experiment with different table shapes, sizes and layouts on a scale floor plan.
  • Arrange seating by drag and drop or automatically - decide who to seat together (or apart!) and let PerfectTablePlan assign seats for you.
  • Visualize the distribution of genders, ages, groups, VIPs and more with a single click.
  • Print professional floor plans, guests lists, seating charts, place cards, table cards, address labels, escort cards and more.
  • Easily create reports such as the number of people who haven't responded to their invitation and the total number of each meal ordered.
  • Handle inevitable last minute changes with minimal stress.
  • ...and much more.

PerfectTablePlan was first released in 2005. Since then it has seated millions of guests at thousands of events.

PerfectTablePlan software is available for both Windows and Mac. It can be downloaded and installed in a couple of minutes with a few mouse clicks. As it is installed on your computer it is more responsive than a web application and does not require an Internet connection to work. In the (unlikely) event that we were to go out of business tomorrow, you could still carry on using PerfectTablePlan.

You can try our free trial as long as you like. However you won't be able to save, print or export plans with more than 30 guests until you purchase. When you purchase PerfectTablePlan:

  • All the trial restrictions are removed.
  • You are licensed per person (not per computer) so you can buy a single licence and use it on both your desktop computer and laptop. We also allow you to share your licence key with one member of your immediate family if you are both planning the same event.
  • Your licence lasts indefinitely for a one-off payment. No annual or monthly fees. Minor upgrades are free. Major version upgrades (e.g. v5 to v6) can be purchased at a discount, but are entirely optional.
  • Unlimited free email support is included in the price.

There are 3 separate editions of PerfectTablePlan (Home, Advanced and Professional) to suit the widest possible range of budgets and requirements. We recommend the Home Edition to people planning their own weddings and the Advanced or Professional Editions to professional wedding planners. At just $29.95/£19.95/€26.95 the Home Edition probably costs less than feeding one guest.

Sweet. Just sweet.

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Don't delay!

PerfectTablePlan could be helping you manage your guest list, track RSVPs and print address labels long before the big day and your licence key lasts indefinitely.

We pride ourselves on providing great email support before and after purchase. Please email us if you have any questions or if you get stuck using PerfectTablePlan.


PS/ You can purchase PerfectTablePlan risk-free. We are sufficiently confident that you won't want to go back to doing your seating plan with a spreadsheets or scraps of paper that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

What customers say about PerfectTablePlan

This is a great piece of software and easy to use. I followed the steps and had my table plan in about an hour including guest list and meal requirements. ... Anyone faced with pulling together a table plan for the first time would find this a great piece of software to use, even if they weren't particularly technically minded.

Carol, Congleton, England

It was idiot proof! From the purchasing to the using of the software! It was an absolute doddle and I loved doing the job I was dreading most!

Nichola, Arbroath, Scotland

The software is really good and easy to use. It made a boring job fun.

Corinne, Middlesbrough, England

I don't normally contact software companies, but in your case I'm making an exception: your software is exceptional. When I watch TV programs here in the States like Bridezillas and see these brides and grooms struggling with their seating charts, I just have to laugh. I think your software saved me hours and hours of messing about with Excel spreadsheets and index cards. It even allowed people like my future mother-in-law to work on the seating chart in a quick and easy way. We did our whole seating chart for over 150 people, in about an hour. Just great stuff - I wish I had a reason to use it again!

Damian, Massachusetts, USA

Just wanted to let you know you have an excellent product and equally impressive customer support. I used your product several years ago for my niece's wedding and revisited again recently for another friend's wedding after upgrading. The software is so intuitive and quite frankly fun to use. The final Floor Plan/Guest Chart was a huge hit with all the guests and the Bride and Groom on the day! Thank you...

Denzil, Atlanta, USA

Put simply, PerfectTablePlan is amazing. When I first tried the software I was blown. I could not believe the value for such a low cost. My fiancé and I are putting the final touches on our wedding (coming up this weekend), and I cannot tell you what an invaluable tool PerfectTablePlan has been. If a guest cancels, we're no longer worried, because with a few quick clicks our entire room/table setup can be completely rearranged.

Robert, San Diego, USA

This program is so great, I began to fantasize about quitting my job to become a wedding planner...just so I could use it all the time! Thanks again for awesome product!!!

Tracy, Ontario, Canada

I have recommended this program to everyone!!!!!!!!!! My catering hall was impressed with my beautiful table charts and seating arrangement lists. PHENOMENAL program and BEYOND worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making a stressful thing SO fun & wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele, New York, USA

PerfectTablePlan was an amazing find. We completely surprised our wedding coordinator with a fully mapped out seating chart and entree list. I would guess we saved well over $2000 by making these arrangements ourselves using PerfectTablePlan. Plus, we sat everyone where we knew they had friends and family nearby -- you can't put a number on that!

Dan, Boston, USA

The wedding was booked over a year ago and I've only just purchased PerfectTablePlan to organise the table planning. However, there is so much more to the program, I wish I had purchased it from the start and listed all the guests as the invitations were sent. It's fantastic.

Sally, Kent, England

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