Bar Mitzvah Seating

bar mitzvah

Use PerfectTablePlan to plan the seating arrangements for your Bar Mitzvah

The seating arrangements are an important part of planning a Bar Mitzvah. But it can be time consuming and error-prone if you don't have the right tool for the job. PerfectTablePlan makes seating arrangements a snap.

Key PerfectTablePlan features for Bar Mitzvah planning:

  • Manage your guest list and RSVPs.
  • Save typing by importing existing guest lists from spreadsheets, address books or other files.
  • Experiment with table shapes and sizes.
  • Use the scale floor plan to ensure you make best use of the space available.
  • Drag and drop guests onto seats - no more fiddling with scraps of paper or Excel.
  • Family politics and issues about people who can/can't be seated together? - decide who you want to sit together or apart and let PerfectTablePlan assign seats for you.
  • See where your VIP guests are seated at a glance.
  • Track your budget.
  • Record meal preferences and special requirements.
  • Create reports for caterers.
  • Print elegant plans, charts and stationery, including floor plans, table charts, guest lists, escort cards, place cards and table cards.
  • Accommodate inevitable last minute changes with minimal stress.
  • No recurring fees. Use indefinitely for a single payment.
  • Inexpensive - PerfectTablePlan Home Edition probably costs less than feeding a single guest.
  • Available for Windows and Mac. A single licence covers both platforms.

What customers say about PerfectTablePlan

I liked the fact that there's not a lot of extraneous information required, like in wedding planner programs. This is a synagogue, and all we needed was an easy way to seat people at tables for dinners. PerfectTablePlan provided that. I also liked the fact that (again, unlike wedding planners), we can do as many events as we want, without having to delete everyone and start again. And it's very easy to move people from one table to another...All in all, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for a great program.

Noelle, Norfolk, USA

I have recommended this program to everyone!!!!!!!!!! My catering hall was impressed with my beautiful table charts and seating arrangement lists. PHENOMENAL program and BEYOND worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making a stressful thing SO fun & wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele, New York, USA

If I hadn't had your program I would still be working on the seating for the big (115) party we had Saturday night. The seating was difficult as the age range went from 10 weeks to 99 years, some people had difficulties like Alzheimers, and some were teenagers. The drag and drop feature was great.

Susan, Chicago, USA

It worked perfectly. I was able to forward the seating plan to my caterer which arranged each seat as I had requested. My calligrapher also received a copy of the seating plan to facilitate accuracy of the place cards. I loved it and I will use it again.

LoriAnn, Philadelphia, USA

I think the PerfectTablePlan program is wonderful. I only wish I had started working in it directly rather than in Microsoft Office apps.

Jim, Illinois, USA

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