Free Floor Plan Clip Art

We have commissioned a talented artist to create some high-quality floor plan clip art for our table planning software. You may use these images for free in your table plans, place cards and elsewhere, subject to the terms below.

free floor plan clip art

These images:

  • Are free for non-commercial use in table plans, place cards and other documents. We would appreciate a credit or link back to this page, but it isn't compulsory. You don't have to be a PerfectTablePlan customer.
  • Can be modified, e.g. to produce a variant that better suits your purposes.
  • Can be distributed in an electronic format for use by others, as long you include the text "copyright Oryx Digital Ltd 2011-2024" and a link back to this page.
  • Cannot be used in any commercial work, except with our express written permission.

To download an image, just right click on it and save it to your computer.

dance floor clip art

dance floor

dance floor with border clip art

dance floor with border

DJ disco console clip art

DJ disco console

DJ disco console outline clip art

DJ disco console outline

double doors clip art

double doors

flowers clip art


flowers clip art


flowers clip art


flowers clip art


flowers outline clip art

flowers outline

grand piano clip art

grand piano

grand piano outline clip art

grand piano outline

lectern clip art


lectern outline clip art

lectern outline

person clip art


person aerial view clip art


person from above clip art


person outline clip art

person outline

plant clip art


plant outline clip art

plant outline

single door left clip art

single door left

single door right clip art

single door right

tree clip art


tree outline clip art

tree outline

wedding layer cake clip art

wedding layer cake

wedding layer cake outline clip art

wedding layer cake outline

All images copyright Oryx Digital Ltd 2010-2024

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