V5 upgrade FAQ

What has changed since v4?

We have added many improvements and new features. We have also added support for Windows 8 and 10 and macOS 10.8 to 10.13.

Who is entitled to an upgrade discount?

Anyone who has purchased an earlier version of PerfectTablePlan, whether version 1, 2, 3 or 4. The upgrade licence will be issued in the same name as the licence you are upgrading from. If you are a first time purchaser of PerfectTablePlan, you aren't entitled to upgrade - you'll have to buy a new licence.

How do I prove I am entitled to an upgrade?

Copy and paste your version 1, 2, 3 or 4 licence key into the 'Old license key' field during checkout. You can get your licence key by either:

  1. selecting Licence>Licensing... in the version of PerfectTablePlan you currently have installed; or
  2. inputting your email address into our online key retrieval system

Can v5 read plans from earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan?

Yes. It will even read plans from PerfectTablePlan v1! Plans created on Windows and Mac are also interchangeable.

Do I need PerfectTablePlan v4 installed to upgrade?

No. v5 is a 'standalone' application, it doesn't require earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan to be installed.

Will v5 install over the top of earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan?

No. It won't affect earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan or any plans you have created (on Mac you may need to rename the .app file to stop it overwriting a previous PerfectTablePlan.app). For example, you can have PerfectTablePlan v5 and v4 both installed, licensed and running at the same time on the same PC/Mac.

Do I have to uninstall earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan before I install v5?

No. You can if you want to. Or you can leave them installed. Given that they use minimal disk space (each version uses about the same disk space as 20 digital photos), we tend to leave them installed.

Is there anything I need to do before installing PerfectTablePlan v5?

We recommend you always back-up any important plans (e.g. to CD, memory stick or another hard drive) before installing or uninstalling PerfectTablePlan.

What operating systems are supported?

See the system requirements.

Will v5 run on an iPad?

No. But you can now export your plan to the web and access it from any web enabled device, including an iPad. Another approach is to use the free LogMeIn iPad app to access PerfectTablePlan on your PC or Mac from your iPad (NB/ the use of third party software is at your own risk).

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! Download the free trial. You just won't be able to save, print or export plans with more than 30 guests without a v5 licence key.

What if I decide v5 isn't for me?

Just uninstall it. We might have a little cry, but we'll be fine. Really.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, our standard 14-day money-back guarantee also applies to upgrades.

How long will it take me to download, install and start the free trial?

1 minute and 31 seconds. We timed ourselves. It might take you a little longer if you have a slow Internet connection or a teenager upstairs downloading movies.

Am I entitled to a free upgrade?

If you purchased PerfectTablePlan within 3 months of the v5 release (on or after 18-Mar-2012) you are entitled to a free upgrade. You should already have received your free upgrade licence by email. If you haven't, please check your spam folder and try our online key retrieval system before contacting us.

Which edition can I upgrade to?
You will be upgraded to the same edition, i.e.:

  • v4 Home edition -> v5 Home edition
  • v4 Advanced edition -> v5 Advanced edition
  • v4 Professional edition -> v5 Professional edition

If you purchased v1, v2, v3 or v4.0 you will be upgraded to v5 Home edition.

How much does it cost to upgrade to v5?

Buying an upgrade is 60% cheaper than buying a new licence. Prices are here.

Can I buy a CD with v5 on?

No. We no longer sell CDs, due to insufficient demand. But you can download the PerfectTablePlan installer from our website and burn your own CD.

How do I upgrade multiple licences or an organizational licence?

Email us for details.

If I upgrade now, what additional features will I get in future releases?

You will get every update we release for your edition of PerfectTablePlan until we release v6. So there is no reason to delay your purchase.

So how do I buy an upgrade to v5?

Click here to make a quick and secure online payment through our payment processor, Avangate.

Can I also upgrade to a higher edition?

Yes. After you have purchased a version upgrade (e.g. v4 Home edition to v5 Home edition) you can also purchase an edition upgrade (e.g. v5 Home edition to v5 Advanced edition). We have just dropped the prices of all edition upgrades, so there has never been a better time to do this.

What if I have any questions or problems?

Please email us.