PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 76

PerfectTablePlan v6.1.1 released

A new release is available for Windows and Mac with:

  • the option for the automatic seat assignment algorithm to socially distance guests from different groups
  • 2 minor bug fixes

Find out more and download the new version from the release page:

>> Download v6.1.1 <<

This is a free upgrade for all customers with a v6 licence. Get your licence key resent here. If you have v5 or earlier, find out about upgrading here. Contact us if you have any questions about your licence.

PerfectTablePlan and remote meetings

zoom meeting optimization

When you have more people than can attend a single remote session it can be tricky to work out how to assign people to different sessions. But you can just use PerfectTablePlan with tables of the appropriate size to represent remote sessions. The automatic seat assignment algorithm can then optimize the assignment of people to sessions for you!


For more details about the various ways PerfectTablePlan can help you with social distancing please see our socially distanced seating page.

If you have any other ideas about how we can help mitigate COVID19, please let us know.

And finally...

Somebody wasn't paying attention when Pythagoras' theorem was being taught at school.

Pythagoras' theorem

Andy Brice
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