PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 86

PerfectTablePlan v7 news

We are making slow, but steady, progress on PerfectTablePlan v7.

Currently we are working on improved guest import. Previously, guest import was a one-time event. If you made changes to the guest list (for example, changing their meal selection) and then re-imported it, you ended up with duplicate guests. But now you have the option to merge these changes into existing guest records. It is very much a work in progress, but here is a sneak peek:

Merge import guests

Above you can see that:

  • 10 guests are being imported.
  • 2 are new (shown in pink) and 8 match existing guests (shown in purple).
  • Some of the existing guests are having their meal choice updated.
  • 88 existing guests not being re-imported (shown in blue).

Some of the other things we have added include:

  • Custom fields can now be saved in import mappings.
  • The ability to import direct from Excel .xlsx or .xls format (previously only available for Windows and only if Excel was installed).
  • The ability to export direct to Excel .xlsx or .xls format.
  • Easier horizontal and vertical alignment of objects in the floor plan.
  • Smarter sorting of tables, guests and groups where names are a mix of letters and numbers.
  • Smarter selection areas around items in the floor plan.
v6 table selection areas

v6 selection areas

v7 table selection areas

v7 selection areas

  • You can now set transparent as a colour for tables, rows of seats etc. This allows you to show rows of seats without a background or outline:

Transparent row of seats

There is a lot more work to do yet, but we hope to have an early test version that customers can try soon.

V7 upgrade FAQ

Q: Can I buy a v7 licence now?

Q: Will I get a free upgrade to v7 when it is released?
A: Only if you purchased a v6 licence 3 months or less before the official v7 release date.

Q: Will I get a discounted upgrade to v7 when it is released?
A: Yes, if you have a valid PerfectTablePlan licence for v6 (or earlier), you will be able to buy v7 60% cheaper than buying a new licence.

Q: What other improvements will there be in v7?
A: The new version is very much a work in progress and not everything is decided yet. Stay tuned.

Q: When will v7 be for sale?
A: When it is ready! Maybe Q2 2024. Maybe not. We aren’t going to rush it to meet an arbitrary guideline.

Q: Will v7 be able to read plans from earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I be able to try v7 before I buy it?
A: Yes.

Email us if you have any other burning questions about v7.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd