PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 84

PerfectTablePlan v7 news

PerfectTablePlan v7 development is now well underway. We hope to have an early test version that customers can try in a few months. Until then, here is a sneak peak of one of the new features - guests images. This allows you to use a separate photo or icon for each guest. These guest images can then optionally be displayed in various panes.

Guest images in the 'Guests' pane

A guest image in the 'Guest properties' window

Optional guest images in the 'Floor plan' pane

Guest images in the 'Stationery' pane

What would you like to see in v7?

We have lots of ideas for great new features and improvements for PerfectTablePlan v7, based on 18 years of customer feedback. But we are always happy to get more suggestions.

If there is one thing you would really like to see in PerfectTablePlan v7, what would it be? Email us with subject ‘Just one thing’. We can’t promise it will make it into v7, but we will certainly consider it.

Upgrade FAQ

Q: Can I buy a v7 licence now?

Q: Will I get a free upgrade to v7 when it is released?
A: Only if you purchased a v6 licence 3 months or less before the official v7 release date.

Q: Will I get a discounted upgrade to v7 when it is released?
A: Yes, if you have a valid PerfectTablePlan licence for v6 (or earlier), you will be able to buy v7 60% cheaper than buying a new licence.

Q: What improvements will there be in v7?
A: We have lots of ideas, but it is very much a work in progress and not everything is decided yet. Stay tuned.

Q: When will v7 be released?
A: When it is ready! Might be this year. Might not. We aren’t going to rush it to meet an arbitrary deadline.

Q: Will v7 be able to read plans from earlier versions of PerfectTablePlan?
A: Yes.

Email us if you have any other burning questions about v7.

Summerfest 2023

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Summerfest 2023

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