PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 71

PerfectTablePlan v6.0.6 released

A new release is available for Windows and Mac. It adds improvements to v6.0.5. Find out more and download the new version from the release page:

>> Download v6.0.6 <<

This is a free upgrade for all customers with a v6 licence.

We expect to make this the official release on the website in the next few days.

If you are having any issues with PerfectTablePlan, we want to hear about them. Crashes, hangs, unexpected behaviour, things that are really slow, typos in the user interface or documentation. Please email us. We can only fix issues if we know about them!

Why isn't PerfectTablePlan 'in the cloud'?

We are sometimes asked why PerfectTablePlan is 'desktop' based, rather than 'cloud' (web) based. Here are some of the reasons why we have stayed as a desktop solution:

  • There is no uploading or downloading of data to the cloud, so PerfectTablePlan is super-responsive.
  • PerfectTablePlan works just fine without an Internet connection. This can be a huge plus if you are at a venue with sketchy Wi-Fi.
  • You never have to share your sensitive data with a third party. This is particularly an issue for high-profile/government/military events.
  • We don't have to provide computing power for you to run PerfectTablePlan day-to-day. So we don't have to charge you a monthly or yearly subscription to cover the costs of the servers.
  • You have better control over your printer from the desktop.
  • You can control when you update to a new version. You don't have this choice with a cloud-based solution.
  • You aren't dependent on our servers running 24x7. Even should we go out of business, PerfectTablePlan will continue to work fine. This would not be true for a cloud-based solution.

It is true that cloud-based solutions make it easier to share your data between computers. But you can share PerfectTablePlan plans quite easily between computers using a shared network folder or DropBox (or similar).

And finally...

Event coordinator is listed in CNBC's 10 most stressful jobs in America.

Presumably they were talking to ones that didn't use PerfectTablePlan. ;0)

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd