PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 57

PerfectTablePlan v5.3.1 is now available

A new release is available for Windows and Mac. Improvements include:

shuffle guest seats

  • A new Edit>Shuffle seats feature that allows you to shuffle guests clockwise or anti-clockwise around a table. This should be particularly useful for moving guests when changing the size or shape of a large table, e.g. an E-shaped table.
  • Better support for Mac Retina displays.
  • Speed improvements when adding, assigning or unassigning lots of guests.
  • Improvements to vCard import and export.
  • Improvements to the user interface.
  • Improved and updated help documentation, including updated screen captures and a new 'expert tips' section.
  • Bug fixes.

The biggest change is the least visible. We have stripped out the last of the code that relied on obsolete third party libraries. This involved rewriting thousands and thousands of lines of old code. It was very time consuming (and tedious!). But this means PerfectTablePlan is in much better shape to support future operating systems. For more background on this, please see the previous newsletter.

>> Click here to find out more and download the new release <<

This is a free upgrade for all customers with a v5 licence. You can have your licence resent here. If you don't have a PerfectTablePlan licence yet, you can buy one here. If you have a v4 (or earlier) licence you can buy a discounted upgrade here.

If you come across any bugs in this release, please email us. We can only fix bugs we know about.

And finally...

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd