PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 56

A new PerfectTablePlan version is on the way...

We have been hard at work on a new PerfectTablePlan release since July last year.

PerfectTablePlan is built on top of the Qt framework. This allows us deploy PerfectTablePlan on both Windows and macOS from single code base and has served us very well for the last 12 years. But Qt has improved and changed a lot in that time. We had a choice:

1. Stay with an obsolete version of Qt. This means we eventually wouldn't be able to support the latest version of Windows and macOS.


2. Bite the bullet and rewrite PerfectTablePlan to work with the latest version of Qt. This means a significant rewrite of over 130,000 lines of C++ code.

We hope to keep PerfectTablePlan going for another 12 years, so we chose option 2. It has been a lot of work! But the end is in sight now and we hope to release a new version within the next month or two (we make no promises on dates - it takes as long as it takes).

The new release isn't planned to have any major new features, but it will include:

  • Improvements to the user interface.
  • Improved help documentation.
  • Better support for Apple Retina displays.
  • Bug fixes.

The new release will be a free upgrade for all customers with a v5 licence.

Moving to a newer version of Qt also opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for PerfectTablePlan v6. Watch this space.

And finally...

Five Orthodox churches refused to attend a meeting that was 55 years in the planning. Areas of dispute included the seating plan.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd