PerfectTablePlan Version 5.2.2

This release adds 8 enhancements and 13 bug fixes to version 5.2.1. You will require a version 5 licence key to unlock the full functionality. You can buy a licence key here (or upgrade from a previous version here). This upgrade is free to all customers with a valid v5 licence key.

We recommend that you back-up any important plan files before installing any new release.

The download links are at the bottom of the page.

Backward/forward compatibility

This version can read plan (.tp) files saved by any earlier version of PerfectTablePlan. But reading v5.2.2 plans into versions of the software before v5.2.0 may lose some data.

System requirements

We are no longer supporting Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

Windows Mac OS X
Operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (both 32 and 64 bit variants are supported) Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 (64 bit Intel processor)
Screen resolution 800x600 pixels or better
Colours 65,536 colours (16 bit) or better


The following enhancements have been made since version 5.2.1:

All editions

Windows and Macintosh

1. Additional layouts Name only (extended radial) and Name only (extended banquet) have been added. This allow additional space for guest names. It is appropriate to use these when you have a single table (e.g. an E-shaped table) or widely spaced banquet tables and some guests have long names/titles (e.g. Livery Company or Masonic events). However it may result in overlapping guest names if you have tables close together (e.g. a typical circular table layout). [Added in v5.2.2]

E-shaped table layout

Name only (radial)

E-shaped table layout

Name only (extended radial)

2. PerfectTablePlan now warns you if you try to import an Excel spreadsheet with >= 10,000 rows or >= 1,000 columns. This can happen when someone accidentally adds a space at row 1,048,576. [Added in v5.2.2]

3. Previously PerfectTablePlan defaulted to 100% scaling when printing, if Fit to page had not been used for the previous print. It now defaults to Fit to page as we feel this is more helpful. [Added in v5.2.2]

4. PerfectTablePlan now includes a MobileX XLSX export file type for importing. [Added in v5.2.2]

Windows only

5. The Import Data window now uses the imported file extension to set the default format to CSV or Excel. [Added in v5.2.2]

Advanced and Professional editions

Windows and Macintosh

6. The layout of Name only (radial) and Name only (banquet) (and the extended versions mentioned above) now allow more space for guest names on the outside of E-shaped tables. [Added in v5.2.2]

e-shaped table layout

7. We have added a Livery Company sample plan. This plan shows that you can legibly print a floor plan with 148 names on a single sheet of A4 paper. It also shows the use of You are here personalised seating maps in the Stationery pane. Note that you need PerfectTablePlan Advanced or Professional edition to see the E-shaped table. [Added in v5.2.2]

Professional edition

Windows and Macintosh

8. It is possible to import conflicting proximities for guests, e.g. both 'next to' and 'near to'. In these circumstances the behaviour was undefined. Proximities are now set in the following order: 'Near to' then 'Not next to' then 'Next to' then 'Not near to'. E.g. if 2 guests are set to have both 'Near to' and 'Next to' proximity, the 'Next to' proximity will 'overwrite' the 'Near to' proximity. [Added in v5.2.2]

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes have been made since version 5.2.1:

All editions

Windows and Macintosh

1. Previously it was very slow to delete multiple guests if the Proximity pane was visible. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

2. Previously snap to grid, room resizing and moving tables with cursor keys in the Floor Plan pane could be very slow for large plans. This is now fixed.[Fixed in v5.2.2]

3.PerfectTablePlan scales fonts smaller if it can't fit names into the space available on the Floor Plan and Table Plan panes using the user-selected font. However it sometimes scaled fonts smaller than required. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

4. The position of 45 degree text in Name only (radial) layout has been modified to stop the text overlapping the table. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

5. Name only (radial) and Name only (banquet) now do not wrap text across multiple lines, unless the display name includes a ** line break. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

6. Previously the Table Plan pane zoomed back after dropping a guest. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

7. Previously the Floor Plan pane could change scroll position or zoom level after undo/redo. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

8. Previously the number of columns in the VDU Chart pane was set back to 1 every time a read-only plan was refreshed from another computer. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

9. 'section' has been added as an editable term in the Guest Chart pane. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

Windows only

10. Previously the installer showed various error messages if there was no 'Documents' folder.This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

Macintosh only

11. The user interface font is now set correctly for Mac OS X 10.10. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

12. The zoom in and zoom out values for the Floor/Table Plan pane mouse wheel behaviour field in the Preferences windows was the wrong way round. This has now been fixed. Note that the value is reversed if Mac OS X System Preferences>Mouse>Point and click>Scroll direction natural is unchecked. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

Advanced and Professional editions

Windows and Macintosh

13. Previously PerfectTablePlan could crash when changing the number of seats in an E-shaped table in the Schematic pane. This is now fixed. [Fixed in v5.2.2]

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Mac download

PerfectTablePlan v5.2.2 for

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