Table Names Or Numbers?

If you are feeling creative you can give tables names instead of numbers. This is very common for weddings. Numbered tables are less work and easier to find if they are laid out logically. Named tables add a bit more atmosphere and are useful if you are worried about guests being offended about not being seated on "table 1".

Possible table naming themes include:

  • flowers (e.g. roses)
  • gemstones
  • countries/towns
  • colours
  • actors/films/TV programs
  • bands/songs
  • cocktails/whiskies/wines
  • sweets (=candies)
  • animals/birds/butterflies
  • sports teams
  • dances
  • Disney characters
  • a word or phrase in different languages (such as 'I love you')
  • famous romantic couples
  • something appropriate to the number of tables, e.g. the names of the 7 seas or 7 dwarves for 7 tables
  • cars/motorbikes
  • something related to your hobbies/interests

You can also liven up numbers, for example include a picture of the hosts at age 1 on table 1, at age 2 on table 2 etc.

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