How to number tables at a wedding or event

If you decide to number tables (instead of using table names) then any logical number scheme should be fine. However numbering left to right, top to bottom will probably work best for most westerners.

How to number tables at a wedding

How to number tables (created by PerfectTablePlan)

Elaborate table numbering layouts are likely to cause confusion and are probably best avoided.

Table numbering layout

Table numbering layouts

Typically the head/top table is numbered 1, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, giving the head table a number other than 1 might help to allay any feelings about higher numbered tables being less important.

Whatever numbering scheme you go for, it helps to have a floor plan diagram at the entrance to the venue and large, easily visible table number cards, so everyone can quickly find the right table.

Note that some numbers are considered to be unlucky, so you might want to omit them if you think your audience is superstitious.

'Unlucky' numbers include:

  • 4 (China)
  • 9 (Japan)
  • 13 (many Christian countries)
  • 17 (Italy)

For example you can replace '13' with '12b'.

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