PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 81

PerfectTablePlan v6.2.1 crash issue on Mac

Some customers have reported that accessing the Preferences window in PerfectTablePlan v6.2.1 on Mac can cause a crash. This seems to be particularly an issue for macOS 13. We haven’t been able to track down the problem yet, so we are reverting to v6.2.0 as the production version for Mac. We will put out a new release as soon as we have a fix.

If you are only using PerfectTablePlan on Windows

Relax. PerfectTablePlan v6.2.1 for Windows is fine. You can ignore this newsletter.

If you are using PerfectTablePlan v6.2.1 on Mac

If you are experiencing crashes, we recommend you revert to PerfectTablePlan v6.2.0.

If you aren’t experiencing crashes, we recommend you continue to use v6.2.1.

Either way, it would be useful if you let us know. Just email us with the version of macOS you are using and whether you are seeing crashes.

If you are using PerfectTablePlan v6.2.0 on Mac

We recommend you stay with v6.2.0, for now.

If you are using PerfectTablePlan v6.1.3 or earlier on Mac

You might want to consider upgrading to PerfectTablePlan v6.2.0. Or you can wait until we have a fix for this issue.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Please email us if you have any questions.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd