PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 59

PerfectTablePlan v5.3.4 is now available

Since the last newsletter we have released v5.3.3 and v5.3.4 for Windows and Mac.

>> Click here to find out more and download the new release <<

This is a free upgrade for all customers with a v5 licence. You can have your licence resent here. If you don't have a PerfectTablePlan licence yet, you can buy one here. If you have a v4 (or earlier) licence you can buy a discounted upgrade here.

If you come across any bugs in this release, please email us.

We plan to make this the production release in the next few days, unless a major problem is discovered.

Improved scaling for background images

PerfectTablePlan Advanced and Professional editions allow you to use a scale image of your venue as a background to the floor plan. This saves you having to draw all the walls and features of the venue. But customers found scaling these images correctly to be tricky. So we have added a new feature in v5.3.4 to make background image scaling a lot easier. Watch this 2 minute video and/or read this help page for a quick overview.

scale a background image

Is there anything you find particularly time-consuming or error-prone while working with PerfectTablePlan? Let us know!

Table 19

Seating arrangements get the Hollywood treatment in Table 19.

"I can smell the toilets from here. That's how well we know the bride and groom."

Table 19

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd