PerfectTablePlan Windows Zip Download

We recommend that you install PerfectTablePlan on Windows using the PerfectTablePlan Windows installer, which will copy files and set up file associations for you. However, if that isn't possible, you can use this zip file instead.

Windows download

PerfectTablePlan v6.2.3 for


11/10/8/7, 64 bit (31 MB)


Changes since the last release ยป


  1. If you have an older PC please check that it meets the modest minimum system requirements for running PerfectTablePlan.
  2. Right-click on the link and select Save Target As... (Internet Explorer), Save Link As... (FireFox), Save Link Target As... (Netscape), Save Target As... (Opera).
  3. When the file has finished downloading on to your PC double click on the downloaded .zip file to open it.
  4. Drag the PerfectTablePlan_<v> folder from the zip file into c:\program files. You may need to be an Administrative user to do this.
  5. To create a shortcut on your desktop:
    1. Right click on c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>.exe and drag it to your Windows desktop.
    2. Select create shortcuts here.

    You should now be able to start PerfectTablePlan by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. If it doesn't run, try downloading and installing the vc_redist.x64.exe libraries for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and trying again.

  6. To associate plan (.tp) files with the new PerfectTablePlan .exe:
    1. Right click on one of the sample plan files (extension .tp) in c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v> \plans, e.g. wedding_sample_v<v>.tp.
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Click on the Change... button next to Opens with.
    4. Click on Browse....
    5. Navigate to c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>.exe and click Open.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click OK.

    You should now be able to start PerfectTablePlan by double clicking on a plan file.

  7. To copy the sample plans, clipart and textures:
    1. Create a PerfectTablePlan folder in your My Documents folder.
    2. Copy the contents of c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>\ plans to My Documents\ PerfectTablePlan.
    3. Copy the folder c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>\ clipart to My Documents\ PerfectTablePlan.
    4. Copy the folder c:\program files\ PerfectTablePlan_<v>\ textures to My Documents\ PerfectTablePlan.