Wedding Seating Plans

A typical wedding seating plan is to have the wedding party on a head table (with seats down one side) facing all the other guests seated on circular tables:

wedding seating plan

A typical wedding seating plan (created by PerfectTablePlan)

If it won't cause friction try to seat members of the bride and groom's families on tables together, it is their best chance to get to know each other.

The wedding party table should be placed where the bride and groom can see (and be seen by) as many guests as possible.

Remember that once the main wedding meal (the 'wedding breakfast') commences the bride may have taken the name of the groom. Make sure that your seating chart, place cards etc take account of this.

If you have a number of paid attendees you intend to feed, e.g. photographer, videographer etc., you may want to assign them to a separate table.

Don't forget to leave room for cake and gift tables.

Note that wedding etiquette varies between countries and cultures and you will have to tailor your wedding seating plan accordingly.

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