Wedding Table Linen Ideas

Table linens are so much more than the stuffy fabrics you take out to decorate your kitchen table a few times a year. They're also an integral part of any well-decorated wedding day table. The right table linens can make or break your table, setting a gorgeous foundation for your centerpieces, your meal, and an evening of delightful conversation.

Ideas for choosing your table linens

Table linens are one of the more understated elements of your wedding day d├ęcor. Unless you're abandoning the traditional centerpiece, then, there's no need to go crazy with gaudy decorations or costly linens. Instead, a few simple rules can help you choose table linens that work for your needs:

  • Pick a color scheme that either matches or complements your wedding colors, including your bridesmaids' dresses.
  • Before selecting table linens, compare them to your centerpieces to ensure the color schemes complement one another.
  • Choose complementary textures. A thick satin table linen looks strange with an understated bouquet. Instead, try linens with textures that match your bridesmaids' dresses or in a light-weight silk, which almost always works.
  • Play with embellishments. Delicate embroidery, lace, and monograms can serve as gorgeous accents, making expensive and elaborate centerpieces totally unnecessary.

Hire a linen designer or do it yourself?

Like everything else wedding-related, you'll have to decide whether to hire a designer or do it yourself. Most brides opt to buy their own pre-made linens, then have their wedding venue or centerpiece designer place the linens for them.

Bespoke linens by a designer can be extremely expensive, but if you want the best for your wedding with the least amount of effort, paying someone else to design your linens can be a dream come true. This option allows you full control over the design. If you're looking to save a little cash, though, consider the following options:

  • Try buying your table linens online in bulk. You can typically save money this way, and doing so ensures a perfect match every time.
  • Want something unique? Enlist the assistance of a friend who's a good seamstress to add detailing or embroidery. Alternatively, try buying plain table linens, then paying a seamstress to spice them up; you'll still pay less than you would for custom linens.
  • Ask your centerpiece designer if he or she can create a table linen that will perfectly complement your centerpieces.

If you're doing it yourself, of course, you'll need to arrange for the delivery and installation of your table linens. You can eliminate guesswork and reduce wedding day stress by enlisting the assistance of your bridal party. Try having them place the table linens the day of the wedding, or install them yourself the night before.

Table linens might not be something you immediately think about when planning your wedding. But even the most basic of table linens can make a big difference, adding a splash of color and style to otherwise boring tables. Take time to choose the right fabric and customize the design, and your guests won't be able to stop talking about your gorgeous tables!

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