Everything You Need to Know About Table Linen Rental

When you are hosting a special event, you will need to have table linen. Although you could simply leave the tables bare, covering them allows for a more elegant appearance and protects the tables from damage or spills, an important feature depending on where your event is being held. The following information should be enough to get you started on renting table linen.

Considerations and Selection

The most important thing to know about table linen rental is that each company may use terms slightly differently. Be sure that you know exactly what it means by the table fabric, so you get silk, poly blend, or whatever material you truly want. The same is also true for colors, and you should never rely on online images when it comes to color. Instead, ask the company to show you an actual fabric swatch so you can compare it to the other decorations for a perfect match.

Prices and Hidden Fees

As with any other item, the price for renting table linen will depend on the company you select, the size of the tables, the material selected, and even the city you live in. Although a simple cotton tablecloth is usually about $10 to $30 per tablecloth to rent, many companies will give you discounts when you need more tablecloths. Generally speaking, you will save a reasonable amount of money by renting, but if you plan on hosting more events in the future, then buying may make sense, even factoring in the cleaning cost. When renting, also remember to check for hidden fees, such as one for cleaning, delivery, or stained tablecloths.


When looking at rental companies for your table linen, you want to think about the delivery process. This will vary from company to company, and while most companies are willing to deliver the linen to a location of your choice, others will require you to pick it up, so carefully consider which you prefer. The easiest option is to have the linen delivered to your event location, but keep in mind that someone will need to be there to receive the delivery if you go with this option.

Where to Rent

There are two main choices when it comes to renting table linen. You can either rent it directly from the event hall or location of your event, or from an outside party. Each option will have its advantages, as renting from the event hall will save the stress of delivery, and in many cases, the staff will set up the table linen for you as well. Outside rental companies, on the other hand, tend to offer lower prices and will also frequently set up the linen, although this may involve an additional fee.

Finding a Rental Company

If you do choose to use an external table linen rental company for your event, you will want to know where to start. Take a look at various reviews online, particularly those for events similar to yours. In the United States, consider BBJ Linen or National Linen Rentals, either of which will deliver nationwide. UK residents can get similar rentals from Special Occasion Linen or Table Linen Company Limited.

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