Table Centerpiece Ideas

A jazzy centerpiece idea is to use a branch and spray paint it to match the theme of the event. You can place the branch in a tall vase filled with rocks or marbles and place that on top of a circular mirror for added depth. You can also add candles or other small vases to surround the branch. This type of centerpiece is fantastic for a wedding or a black tie event and is relatively easy and inexpensive to create.

table centerpiece ideas

photo by Kristin A

A fun and economical idea for a centerpiece is to use paper flowers in different glass vases. This centerpiece is very delicate and romantic looking and best suited for a wedding, or perhaps a baby shower. This centerpiece can be time consuming, as making the paper flowers takes up a good amount of time. You can order them pre-made, which saves time. The cost is minimal and this centerpiece can be stored and recycled over again for a different venue.

An easy idea for a wedding centerpiece is to use different sized vases in one color, filled with flowers in a different color. The simplicity of using only 2 colors adds to the timeless elegance and the varying vase size adds a nice dimension to the table.

 table centerpiece vases

photo by Ms Sara Kelly

A wonderful holiday centerpiece is to use a mix of green pine, fruits and candles. This type of centerpiece works wonderfully for long rectangular tables and is easy to put together. It is also quite fragrant and gives a rustic feel to the event. More details here.

rustic table centerpiece ideas

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An edible table centerpiece can be fun. This type of centerpiece works best for inside venues and can be slightly difficult to transport. One idea is to use a cake matched to the theme of the event. This type of centerpiece can be difficult to create, especially if you use fondant. You can create them the day before and refrigerate them if needed. Edible centerpieces are best for smaller venues, as the creation of them is time consuming. The best part is you can eat it for dessert!

edible table centerpiece

photo by Sabrina Behrens

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