Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

The wedding reception typically follows the ceremony, and there is usually music at this party. While the music can be in the form of a live band, hiring a wedding DJ tends to be much more popular. Once you think you have found the right DJ, be sure to ask the following questions before booking to be sure of the services you will receive.

Is there a contract to sign?

Not all DJs will require you to sign a contract, but typically it is best to opt for one that does. The contract serves as reassurance for both the DJ and yourself. It will also serve to legally document and verify the agreed upon price and tasks the DJ will perform.

What are your fees and what services are included?

Before signing a contract, discuss the DJ's fees. Prices will vary, and some DJs will seem to offer lower prices, but then have additional fees for additional tasks. Be clear on not only the price and additional fees, but also how long the DJ will play music.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Some, but not all, DJs will require you to pay a portion of their fee up front, to guarantee their services. Others will expect a complete payment before your wedding. Others will not ask for payment until after the reception is over.

What is your experience?

As with any other professional to be hired for your wedding, you want to be sure that the DJ has relevant experience. He or she should be familiar with various music styles, know how to DJ at parties, and have specifically worked at weddings in the past.

Do you have references?

A wedding is a bride's special day, and the DJ should help the event take place without any issues. To ensure this, ask the DJ for references. Pay attention to the number of positive references, and be sure that at least several of them are of the DJ performing for a wedding reception, as this event can be very different than others.

Will you be DJing yourself?

In some cases, DJs will work together in a company. In this case, the DJ you talk to will not always be the one performing at your reception. It is ideal to communicate with the DJ who will be doing your event, as this allows you to build a connection and get to know him or her ahead of time.

What type of music do you have?

The ideal DJ will have a wide range of musical selections. But if there are any songs that you want played at the reception (such as for the father-daughter dance), those must be in the DJ's music library.

How much input do we get on the music?

The best DJs will allow you to be as involved in the music selection process as you want to be. Some people prefer to make a list of all the songs to be played, while others give a few suggestions and leave the rest up to the DJ. Both should be possibilities.

What will happen if you get sick?

Make sure that the DJ has a backup plan in case he or she gets sick on your wedding day. Ideally, he or she will work with another DJ, so there is always a backup or assistant on hand.

Do you have backup equipment?

Technical malfunctions do occur, and backup equipment ensures that your wedding will not be without music. The best wedding DJs have backup equipment on hand.

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