PerfectTablePlan Site Licences

The standard PerfectTablePlan licence is for one named user and cannot be transferred to another user. But it is also possible to purchase a single PerfectTablePlan licence for your whole organization. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a licence for each user

This is the simplest approach. It is also the most cost effective if you don't have a high staff turnover. But you will need to buy a new licence key for each member of your organization that wishes to use PerfectTablePlan, even if they are replacing a user who already has a licence. If you are purchasing 3 or more licences email for details of discounts.

NB/ You can buy more licences than you currently need and hold the extra licences 'in reserve' for when you need them.

Buying a licence for your organization

If you have a large number of PerfectTablePlan users or a high staff turnover it may be more convenient and cheaper to purchase a single licence key with a specified number of 'seats' in the name of your organization. Each seat can be reallocated to a different member of staff a maximum of once every 6 months. Email for a quote. We will need to know the number of seats required.


Payment by invoice may be possible for orders of at least £100/$200/€200. Email for details.


Both single user and organizational licences include:

  • free minor upgrades, e.g. v6.0.0 to v6.1.0
  • free major upgrades for 3 months after purchase, e.g. v6.1.1 to v7.0.0
  • free support by email