PerfectTablePlan Used For 2600 Seat Fundraiser

We were delighted to receive this email from Jim Beattie of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Arizona:

st vincent de paul"We just finished putting on a charity breakfast for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Phoenix, Arizona. To the best of our knowledge, it was the single largest charity event of its kind in Arizona history. We did arranged seating for 2600 people at 250 tables located in two ballrooms at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. (And when I say 'arranged', I mean that each person was placed at a specific table before the event.)

The general consensus of our staff is that we could not have done it without PerfectTablePlan. I would be hard pressed to say which of the features was the most important - from the ability to import guest information via spreadsheet, the drag & drop table assignment or the ability to print out the final arrangements for registration - at each step of the process, PerfectTablePlan met our needs.

Particularly useful in the initial assignment stage was the ability to display the floor plan with unassigned seats highlighted. Believe me, when working with the numbers we were, the ability to get a quick overview of those tables with one or two seats available was a big plus.

We got a great deal of very positive feedback from the attendees in regards to not only the breakfast itself, but also to the speed of registration, the seating etc., and a number of the guests expressed surprise that we could pull off assigned seating for a crowd this size. From a software standpoint, I want to mention that we were impressed at how stable PerfectTablePlan ran. At no point did it ever lock up or crash.

Because we are already anticipating a larger event next year, there is one change we are making - we will be upgrading from PerfectTablePlan Home to PerfectTablePlan Professional as that has several significant features that will help us streamline our process. Thanks again for a great product."

Jim Beattie
Development Department
Saint Vincent de Paul Society
Phoenix, Arizona
November 2009