Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

Wedding favors are the special little goodies that your guests receive when they attend your wedding. Whether they are handed out at first arrival or at the end of the night, they are considered a thank you gesture, or a small remembrance of the special day. But after providing a full day of tray-passed appetizers, dinner, cocktails, dessert, and dancing, are favors really necessary? Or are they a budget buster that your guests will just toss in the trash before you even return from your honeymoon?

There are many advantages to having wedding favors. When well thought out, they can give your wedding a personal touch. It's also nice to give a gift in return to your guests - I mean, Cousin Larry, his wife, and their three kids did travel all the way across the globe to attend your wedding! And there are ways to incorporate your wedding favors so that they can become a 2 for 1.For example - small potted succulents with guests' names tagged to each can work as escort cards and favors. Or offering sunglasses during a sunny outdoor ceremony. Or even creating lavender sachets that can be used for a lavender toss during the recessional, could also become a great take-away.

But the question is, is it really worth the extra money? In recent polls, most married couples said that it was worth paying for the favors if they were something that the guests could "use" or "eat". Most couples discovered that if it was a tchotchke wedding favor, it was either left behind at the wedding or discarded soon after. With wedding favors ranging in cost from one dollar per favor to $10 or more, it's important to choose something that will not only work within your budget, but also something that guests will actually enjoy.

With an intimate wedding of 65 guests, a small add-on in the budget of $75 could make it possible to provide that sweet simple treat. But if your wedding is 150 or more, you could find yourself spending $1000 plus on a favor that might get left behind for the clean-up crew.

If favors are something in your budget, the current trend is DIY (do-it-yourself) favors. This can cut down on costs and actually provide a unique touch to your wedding and even fit your theme. For example - if you're the type of couple who likes a little retro throwback, try RETRO ROUNDS filled with candy. You can purchase the round vending capsules for $8.00 per 20, candy costs average $3.00 per large bag, and creating cute Thank You stickers shouldn't cost more than $10.00.For a grand total of $60 bucks you've created cute, memorable favors for 100 guests.Voila!

Don't let your wedding favor be a dud! Here are some adorable favor ideas that will keep your guests Instagramming their take-homes all night long.

And if you decide that wedding favors aren't for you, or aren't in the budget - don't fret! Fun place cards with quotes about love, or escort cards attached to vintage keys found at a flea market incorporate something special in your day. Your guests might just take these along with them, because you added that special touch.

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