PerfectTablePlan 3.1.4
Conventions in this document
System requirements
The help system
Quick start guide
Quick start guide
1. Getting started
2. Add guests
3. Set Proximity
4. Add tables
5. Assign guests
6. Assess plan
7. Print plan
8. Print stationery
9. Import guests
User interface
Main window
Menu bar
Task tool bar
Main tool bar
Insert tool bar
Status bar
Left pane
Left pane
Guests pane
Groups pane
Top pane
Top pane
Floor plan pane
Table plan pane
Schematic pane
Table chart pane
Guest chart pane
Stationery pane
Statistics pane
Bottom pane
Bottom pane
Proximity pane
About window
Change group window
Chart title/footer window
Dimensions window
Export window
Export data window
Export PDF window
Export vCard window
Fonts and colours window
Group properties window
Guest properties window
Import window
Import data window
Information window
Insert couple window
Insert family window
Insert group window
Insert guest window
Insert guests scratch-pad
Insert shape window
Insert table window
Insert text window
Licence window
Most recently accessed window
Numbers and budget window
Preferences window
Print window
Print setup window
Save stationery layout window
Shape properties window
Stationery layout window
Table order window
Table properties window
Text properties window
Drag and drop
Importing guests from vCard files
Importing guests from text and Excel CSV files
Names and titles
Names and titles
RSVP status
RSVP status
Seat assignment
Seat assignment
Automatic seat assignment
Genetic algorithm
Copying to the clipboard
Copying to the clipboard
Export formats
Back-up files
Back-up files
Creating a good table plan
Creating a good table plan
Multiple user access
Mutliple user access
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
Integrating PerfectTablePlan
Integrating PerfectTablePlan
Command line arguments
PerfectTablePlan file format
How do I?
How do I?
Add a chart title/footer
Add a dance floor, stage etc to the floorplan
Add a graphic or logo
Add a new stationery layout
Add a title or text into the floor plan
Add or remove dots at the end of titles
Arrange multiple seatings for an event
Assign guests to seats
Change fonts and/or colours
Change how guest names are displayed in the floor plan
Change proximity for multiple guests
Change the print pagination
Change the size of the room
Change the table order
Choose a format to export to
Copy guests from one plan to another
Create a re-useable floor plan template
Customise standard guest titles
Email my plan
Estimate numbers and budget
Export a chart to Excel/Word
Export guest and seating data to Excel
Export to PDF format
Handle guests with unknown names
Handle post-nominal titles
Import guest details from Apple Address Book
Import guest details from Excel spreadsheets
Import guest details from Outlook
Import guest details from Outlook Express
Import guests in couples/families/groups
Insert a new guest into an existing group
Liaise with caterers
Load sample stationery
Lock guests to seats
Move guests from one group to another
Only assign guests who have accepted
Order a bespoke plan online
Print a guest list
Print place cards, invitations, address labels etc
Print legible plans on a small format printer
Print to poster size
Rename a table
Retrieve old versions of the plan
Set the RSVP status for multiple guests
Show gender in the floor plan
Show groups in the floor plan
Show the proximity for one group at a time
Show unassigned seats
Track details of non-seated guests
Turn off guest name capitalisation
Turn the floor plan grid on/off
Zoom in/out of the floor/table plan
Contact support
Report a bug
Request an enhancement

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