Export to PDF format

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PDF is a vector image format popularised by Adobe Acrobat. Many print shops will prefer PDF format if you want to print a floorplan_16Floor Plan, table_chart_16Table Chart or guest_chart_16Guest Chart to poster size. Direct PDF export is supported in PerfectTablePlan from v3.1.0. For example, to export the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane as a PDF:

1.Select File>exp_16Export, the exp_16Export window will appear.
2.Select floor plan to PDF/PNG/JPG/BMP image file.
3.Click OK, the Export Floor plan window will appear.
4.select the file type as PDF, choose a file name and location and click Save, the Export PDF window will appear.
5.Select the appropriate Size and Orientation for the PDF and click OK.

If you have problems with built-in PDF export you can also export PDFs indirectly, as described below.

Creating PDFs indirectly on Macintosh

The ability to print straight to a PDF document is built into MacOSX, you don’t need to install any additional software.

Select File>print_16Print, the PerfectTablePlan print_16Print window will appear.
Click the Setup... button, the MacOSX Print window will appear.
Drag the PDF button down to Save as PDF....
Choose a location for the file in the Save window and click Save, the Page Setup window will appear.
Choose the page setup and click OK.
Click OK on the PerfectTablePlan print_16Print window.

A PDF format document should now have been created.

Checking the output

You can check that the PDF output is acceptable using the free Adobe Acrobat reader. Many web browsers can also read PDF files.