Licence window

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The key_16Licence window allows you to enter your licence key. To display this window select key_16Licensing>Licence.

Your licence status is displayed. If the software is unlicensed you will only be able to save, export or print plans with 30 or less guests.

If you have a licence key type or paste command_key2+V it into the Key field. The key will only be comprised of the number characters 0-9 and the alphabetic characters a-f. Dash (-) and space characters are optional and are ignored.

Click Purchase licence key to purchase a licence key on-line (an Internet connection is required).

Click Upgrade V2 to V3 if you have a version 2 key and wish to upgrade to version 3.

Click Subscribe to newsletter to go to a web page where you can subscribe to our occasional newsletter. The newsletter includes details of new releases of PerfectTablePlan.

Click troubleshoot licence problems to go to our Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Click resend licence key to go to our key retrieval page.

Click more details on licensing to go to our licensing web page.

Click OK to enter the licence key. If you have entered a new key you will be notified of whether the key is valid or not.

Click Cancel to discard the changes.

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