1. Getting started

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Note You can also view this tutorial as a movie on our website.

If PerfectTablePlan isn't already running, start it now.

Double click on the table_circular_16 PerfectTablePlan icon in the Applications folder (or wherever you copied it to)

If you are reading this help on your computer screen try arranging the Help and PerfectTablePlan windows so you can see them both. Alternatively you may find it easier to print out this tutorial. To print the tutorial select File>Print... from your browser.

You can also print the PDF version of the help.

Warning The PDF help is nearly 200 pages!

The key_16Unlicensed software window may appear when you start PerfectTablePlan.


If you have a licence key you can enter it now, however you can complete the tutorial without it. Click the Continue button.

The table_circular_16Getting Started window may now appear.


If you don't want to see it again uncheck the show this message next time check box. Click the Continue button. You should now see the Main window. For this tutorial we will use the basic interface, select View>User interface>Basic, if it isn't already selected. Then click on the flowarrow1_161.Guests button in the Task tool bar, if it isn't already selected.


Take a minute to investigate the various menu items and tool bar buttons. If you hover the mouse cursor over a tool bar button, a Tool tip window will appear with some helpful text.

Select File>info_16Information and add some basic details about the event.


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