Print legible plans on a small format printer

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If you only have access to a standard format (e.g. A4 or letter) printer it can be difficult to print a legible floor plan on a single sheet. Here are some suggestions:

Print the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane on multiple sheets of paper and join them together.
Print each table on a separate page from the table_circular_16Table plan pane.
Set the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane to display seat numbers, instead of names, by selecting Seat reference from the Display drop-down. Set the table_chart_16Table chart pane to display seat numbers as well as names. Print out both floorplan_16Floor plan and table_chart_16Table chart panes. The floor plan can then be cross-referenced against the table chart.
Select Name only (radial) from the Seats drop-down list at the top of the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane.
Move the tables closer together in the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane. This will make them appear bigger when scaled to fit the page.
Increase the size of the fonts in the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane by clicking on the paint_16 button. The size of table and seat fonts can be set separately.
Export the floor plan as an image and ask a someone with a larger format (e.g. A3 or A2) printer to print it for you. Check export/copy image as large as possible in the prefs_16Preferences window to increase the resolution of the image. Set export/copy image margin to 0% in the prefs_16Preferences window to reduce the unused area. If you want to print it at high resolution you should also consider exporting it as a PDF.
Order a bespoke large-format plan online from one of our partners.