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Tips for table seating plans

table seating

A good table seating plan is an essential part of any event with a sit down meal. We wrote these articles to help you create the best possible table seating plan for your wedding reception, celebration or event.



Do I really need assigned seating?

Assigning seats or tables

Seating arrangements

Table size, shape and layout

RSVP etiquette

Assigning seats

Seating charts, escort cards, table number cards and place cards

  Seating chart

  Escort cards

  Table number cards

  Place cards

Table names or numbers?

Table decorations

Catering for special needs

Wedding seating plans

The wedding top table

Assessing your seating plan

Seating plan software


(All topics on one page)


More tips

Wedding invitation wording

Wedding reception venues

Wedding table centerpieces

Wedding table linen ideas

Are wedding favors necessary?

Wedding reception songs

Questions to ask a wedding DJ

Best man jokes

Table centerpiece ideas

Everything You Need to Know About Table Linen Rental

Dinner party seating


Perfect Table Plan

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