Seat assignment

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Guests can be assigned to seats by:

wand_16automatic seat assignment; and/or

dragging and dropping guests or groups onto seats

The automatic seat assignment takes account of any proximities you have set to create a harmonious seating plan (unless you have set it to random in the prefs_16Preferences window). To get the best results it is usually advisable to use the automatic seat assignment and then fine-tune with drag and drop.

Note If you drop a guest onto a seat that is already assigned to a guest, the seats of the two guests will be swapped.

Checking seat assignments

You can check how good your seat assignments are using the proximity buttons in the floor_plan_16Floor plan pane. For example:

Hold down the heart_16 button to show all guests that should be sitting next to each other.

Hold down the thunderbolt_16 button to show all non-optimal seating arrangements, e.g. guests that should be sitting next to each other that aren't.


You can also see non-optimally seated guests in the Troubleshooting report in the stats_16Report pane.

Locking guests

If you wish to lock_16 lock a guest to a seat, so they can't be re-assigned by drag and drop or automatic seat assignment:

select the guest(s)/group(s)/table(s)

select Edit>Guest Property>Locked>lock_16Yes

Toggle the lock off in the same way.

Note You can lock a guest who has no seat assigned.

RSVP status and assigning

Generally you won't want guests who have cancelled or declined their invitations to be assigned a seat. You can control which RSVP status guests are allowed to be assigned to seats in the prefs_16Preferences window.

Assigning to tables (not seats)

If you wish to assign guests to tables, rather than seats, you should still assign seats but not include seat numbers in your final table chart, guest chart or stationery.


To unassign guests from seats:

select the guest(s)/group(s)

select Edit>Unassign

You can also drag a guest from their seat and drop them on the floor_plan_16Floor Plan or table_circular_16Table Plan pane background to unassign them.

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