Proximity pane

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The heart_16Proximity pane shows an abstract view of who should be placed near whom.

Note The table is symmetric, if you change the proximity for column A and row B, the proximity for row B and column A will change automatically.

You can move around the table and change values using the Arrow keys, Space bar and Return key.

Select from Display to change how the guest names are displayed.

Type text in the searchSearch row and searchSearch column fields to hide non-matching guest names. E.g. if you type jo in the searchSearch row field it will hide all rows for guests without jo in their name (case is ignored). Click the search_cancelcancel icon or press the Esc key to clear the field.

Default proximity values are set automatically for guests when they are added as a couple, family or group, but you can add to or override as you wish. For example, if you add Mr & Mrs A as a couple they will be automatically assigned proximity heart_16Next to (a heart_16 will appear in the cells where the columns and rows for Mr A and Mrs A intersect). The automatic assignment will then try to put them next to each other. To change this proximity to sad_16Not Next to (perhaps they have had an argument!) click on the cell and select sad_16 from the drop-down list.

Click on the mac_reveal button to show additional options.

Select from For:

All: all guests

By group: guests in the selected group

By group+: guests in the selected group and all guests with non-neutral proximity to members of this group

Select from the drop-down list or click on the left_mac and right_mac buttons to change the selected group.

Check assignable guests only to show only guests who can be assigned to seats (due to their locked + RSVP status and settings in the prefs_16Preferences window).

Hint If you want to change the proximity for everyone in a single group it may be easier to select a group (in the Groups pane) or more than one guest (in the unknown_adult_16Guests pane or couple_16Groups pane) and then select Edit>Proximity. You can set the proximity for everyone on a table by selecting the table and then Edit>Proximity. This can be useful for arranging multiple seatings.

Professional edition only

Click on the Bulk Edit... button to update large numbers of proximities in a single operation in the Bulk Edit Proximity window.