Bulk Edit Proximity window

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Professional edition only

The Bulk Edit Proximity window allows you to change large numbers of proximities in a single operation. For example you can set the proximity of all guests seated at the same table to ‘not next to’. You can also restrict what values of existing proximity are changed. For example you can change only ‘neutral’ proximities, so that existing proximities are not affected. This makes it much easier to update proximities across multiple events, e.g. to only have couples sitting next to each other at consecutive events. To display this window Click on the mac_reveal button at the top-left of the heart_16Proximity pane and then click on the Bulk Edit... button.

Set the Change proximity for drop-down list according to which guests you want to change the proximity for. For example, select Guests seated next to each other to change the proximity for each pair of guests sat next to each other.

Set the With proximity drop-down list according to which proximity values you want to change. For example, you might only want to change proximities that are currently neutral so that you don't overwrite existing proximities.

Set the To proximity drop-down list to the next proximity.

The number of changes that will be made is displayed. Click OK to accept the changes. Click Cancel to discard the changes.