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PerfectTablePlan v3.1.1 released

PerfectTablePlan v3.1.1 is now available for Windows and Mac OS X. It includes some fixes to bugs found in v3.1.0. Thank you to everyone that reported bugs.

We recommend you upgrade to v3.1.1 immediately. v3.1.1 can read plans created by any previous version. Best of all, we have decided to make this a free upgrade for all v3 licence holders. If you have a v2 licence you will need to purchase an upgrade.

click here to find out more and download v3.1.1

As always, please report any bugs or problems.

The year in perspective

2007 was another very successful year for PerfectTablePlan. During the year we:

We would like to say a big thank you to our customers for making it all  possible. Many of the ideas for new features have come from customer feedback and your many kind comments have helped to keep us going through late night debugging sessions. We hope we saved you a lot of fiddling with scraps of paper or Excel.

We are planning on adding lots of great new features to PerfectTablePlan v4 in 2008. new versions of the software will be announced in this newsletter.

Applications that work with PerfectTablePlan

Our philosophy for PerfectTablePlan is to do one thing (table plans) really well, rather than try to spread ourselves too thin. But, due to extensive import and export capabilities, PerfectTablePlan can easily integrate with many other applications. Here are a couple of other applications that might compliment your use of PerfectTablePlan. 

Linked Software Membership Management System

linkedsoftware MMSLinked Software's membership software is a reasonably priced and very flexible membership management solution for clubs, associations and non-profit organizations.  Any number of events can scheduled and exported to PerfectTablePlan for seating arrangements and all the other benefits it provides.

You can download a free trial version of  the Linked Software Management Suite at www.linkedsoftware.com to try all the features, including exporting to PerfectTablePlan.


lodgedatThose with a Masonic connection might be interested in LodgeDat (www.lodgedat.co.uk).  Designed to ease the work of Officers in Masonic orders, LodgeDat is a database system which interfaces with Microsoft Office.  It provides the means to store and manage information about members and visitors and their connections with unlimited lodges, chapters, etc, it also handles meetings and seating. Regular seating positions can be saved to be used over again, simplifying the process of assigning seats.

LodgeDat integrates with PerfectTablePlan by simplifying the export process, producing a text file in CSV format.  Fields are exported from LodgeDat in the same order as the dropdown menus in PerfectTablePlan to ease their selection during the import process. Once imported the strength and flexibility of PerfectTablePlan can be brought to bear to fine tune your table plans - or completely change them!

Word of mouth

A happy customer is the best form of advertising, so we really appreciate it when customers recommend PerfectTablePlan to friends and associates and through newsletters, forums and blogs. If you like the new version, please tell others. If you don't like the new version, please tell us!

Andy Brice