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PerfectTablePlan v5.2.2 now available

We have put out a new release with a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

We have put particular effort into improving how PerfectTablePlan handles name layout for Masonic and Livery Company type events:

  • There are now additional Name only (extended radial) and Name only (extended banquet) layouts which give more space to guest names. These are particularly useful when some guests have long names/titles and you have a single table (e.g. an E-shaped table) or widely spaced banquet tables.
table plan name layout
  • Name only (radial) and Name only (banquet) layouts (and the extended versions mentioned above) now allow more space for guest names on the outside of E-shaped tables.
E-shaped table names
  • PerfectTablePlan scales fonts smaller if it can’t fit names into the space available on the Floor Plan and Table Plan panes using the user-selected font. However it sometimes scaled fonts smaller than required. This is now fixed.
  • Name only (radial) and Name only (banquet) now do not wrap text across multiple lines, unless the display name includes a ** line break.
  • The position of 45 degree text in Name only (radial) layout has been modified to stop the text overlapping the table.
  • We have added a new 'livery_sample_Advanced_edition_v14.tp' sample plan. This PDF from the sample plan shows that you can display 148 names legibly on a single A4 sheet.

Note that the E-shaped table type is only available in PerfectTablePlan Advanced and Professional editions.

We have also fixed a crash bug:

  • Previously PerfectTablePlan could crash when changing the number of seats in an E-shaped table in the Schematic pane. This is now fixed.

Fixed some performance issues:

  • Previously it was very slow to delete multiple guests if the Proximity pane was visible. This is now fixed.
  • Previously snap to grid, room resizing and moving tables with cursor keys in the Floor Plan pane could be very slow for large plans. This is now fixed.

And fixed some annoyances:

  • Previously the Table Plan pane zoomed back after dropping a guest. This is now fixed.
  • Previously the Floor Plan pane could change scroll position or zoom level after undo/redo. This is now fixed.
This release is a free upgrade for all customers with a valid PerfectTablePlan v5 licence. We recommend that all customers upgrade to this release.

Click here to find out more and download the new release

We are making this release available to newsletter subscribers a few days before we release it as a production release. Please let us know if you have any problems with the new release.

PerfectTablePlan is 10 years old!

PerfectTablePlan was first released at the end of February 2005. Despite a very low key start, selling only through a single wedding website with no advertising, we were delighted to make our first sale within 24 hours. In truth, the version was pretty basic but we have come a long way since then! PerfectTablePlan is now regularly used to seat celebrities, heads of state and royalty.

PerfectTablePlan v1
PerfectTablePlan v1

PerfectTablePlan v5
PerfectTablePlan v5

Many of our original v1 customers are still customers, having since upgraded to more recent versions.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers for their support over the last ten years. Not just financially, but also for taking the time to send feedback, report bugs and recommend PerfectTablePlan to others.

Here's to the next 10 years!

20% off edition upgrades for the next 10 days

20% off!To celebrate our 10th birthday we are offering existing PerfectTablePlan v5 customers 20% off upgrades to the next higher edition (v5 Home -> v5 Advanced or v5 Advanced -> v5 Professional) for the next 10 days. You can see the differences between the editions here.

Please note:

  • You can only upgrade to v5 Advanced edition if you already have a v5 Home edition licence.
  • You can only upgrade to v5 Professional edition if you already have a v5 Advanced edition licence.
  • The discount is only shown after you click the Secure checkout button.
  • You will be required to enter your existing v5 licence key during purchase.
  • The upgrade must be in the same name as the original licence.
  • If you aren't sure what licence you have, you can find out here.
  • If you want to upgrade multiple licences or an organizational licence, email us for a quote.

Get the 20% discount by clicking this link.

The discount only lasts until the end of Sunday 8th March.

Email us if you have any questions.

And finally...

Spotted in the comments of a 'Creating A Seating Chart With No Tears' page at apracticalwedding.com:


We'd like to offer that cat a position in sales.

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