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Insert Table window

The Insert Table window allows you to create one or more tables. To display this window select Insert>table_sprig_16E-Shaped Table, Insert>table_square_16Rectangular Table, Insert>table_banquet_16Banquet Table, Insert>table_head_16Head Table, Insert>table_custom_16Custom Table, Insert>table_circular_16Circular Table, Insert>table_semicircular_16Semi-Circular Table, Insert>table_oval_16Oval table, Insert>table_serpentine_16Serpentine Table, Insert>table_seats_16Row Seats or the equivalent Insert tool bar button.

Name is the name of the table. The software will choose a unique name for you, but the names don't have to be unique and can be blank.

Select solid, gradient or texture to choose the colour, gradient or texture of the table in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan and table_circular_16Table Plan panes. This overrides any table colour set for the pane in the colours_and_fonts_16Fonts and colours >window. Click Default to set the table colour back to the default.

Shape is the shape of the table. The available table shapes are:






a head (top) table + 2 or more sprigs (legs) (Advanced and Professional editions only)



a rectangular or square table with seats on four sides



a long table with seats on two sides



a long table with seats on only one side, for example a head (top) table at a wedding or banquet



a rectangular or square table with potentially different numbers of seats on each of the 4 sides

can have rounded ends



a circular table with seats all around it



a semi-circular table with seats around the straight side and/or curved sides



an elliptical table with seats all around it



a curved table (Advanced and Professional editions only)

Row of seats


a row of seats (no table), can be curved

Seats is the number of seats. For a circular, oval or head table or a row of seats you specify the total number of seats. For a banquet table you specify the number of seats across. For a rectangular table you specify the number of seats across and the number of seats down. For a semi-circular table you specify the number of seats across and around. For a custom or serpentine table you specify the number of seats on each of the 4 sides.

Note For a square table create a rectangular table and set the number of seats across and down the same. You can specify a table with no seats for a cake, gift or serving table - it will not be shown in the tablechart_16Table Chart pane.

Advanced and Professional editions only

You can change the seat numbering:

If you set Seat numbers to sequential you can change the number of the first seat and whether the seats are ordered clockwise or anti-clockwise.

If you set Seat numbers to custom... you can change them to anything you like (including letters or names) in the Custom seat numbering window.

If you set Create to 2 or more, Seat numbers to sequential and check start each with new seat number then the first seat of each table/row will start with a new seat number, consecutive from the previous one.

Set the Display drop-down to Seat number at the top of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan or table_circular_16Table Plan panes to see seat numbers in these panes.

Size is the size of the table. Check the auto check box to automatically size the table according to the number of seats and the seat size (as set in the ruler_16Dimensions window). Uncheck the auto check box to set your own table size.

Note The automatic table size is calculated to avoid gaps and overlaps between seats, partly on aesthetic grounds. Click here to find out about 'industry standard' table sizes.

If you have a circular table bigger than the auto size you can uncheck space seats evenly to group all the seats together. This is useful for 'sweetheart' or 'cabaret' style seating.

VIP is used to designate tables for VIPs to sit at. The automatic assignment will attempt to seat VIPs on VIP tables.

Notes can be used to store any relevant notes for the table, e.g. details of table decorations. Click on Stamp >> to add a time and date stamped comment to the top of the Notes.

Create can be used to create more than one table at a time. The text alongside tells you how many seats will be available after the new tables have been created. The tooltip shows many you need to create to add to seat all guests and all RSVP=accepted guests.

Click Add to accept the changes and close the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Note The new table(s) will be placed automatically in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane. It will attempt to place them in spaces near the centre of the room. You can then drag them to the appropriate position.

You can change any of the table properties (including the name and shape) at a later point using the Table Properties window.

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