Insert Shape window

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Insert Shape window

The shape_16Insert Shape window allows you to add shapes to the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane. These shapes can be useful for representing dance floors, stages, walls and other floor plan features. To display this window click the shape_16Insert Shape button at the top of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane.

Name is the name of the shape (optional).

Click the Font... button to set the font for the name.

Click the Name colour button to set the colour for the shape name text.

Set the Shape drop down list to the desired shape.

Set Angle to the rotation angle of the shape.

Use the Inside colour drop-down list and colour button to set a solid colour, a colour gradient or texture for the inside of the shape.

Use the Edge colour button to set a colour for the outside of the shape.

Set the Size field(s) to the dimensions of the shape.

Set the Units drop-down list to your preferred units.

Notes can be used to store any relevant notes for the shape. Click on Stamp >> to add a time and date stamped comment to the top of the Notes.

Click Add to accept the changes and close the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Note The new shape will be placed automatically in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane. It will attempt to place it in a space near the centre of the room. You can then drag it to the appropriate position.

You can change any of the shape properties (including the name and shape type) at a later point using the shape_16Shape properties window.

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