Names and titles

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Title is the part of the guest's title (e.g. Mr) or rank (e.g. Captain) that comes before their name. You can configure titles in the prefs_16Preferences window - this can be particularly useful for military ranks, Masonic titles etc.

First name is the guest's first (given) name. You can also record middle names or initials, if you wish.

Last name is the guest's last (family) name.

Suffix can be used for anything that appears after the guest's name, such as a: job title (e.g. 'Director of sales'), role (e.g. 'Master of ceremonies'), qualification (e.g. 'BSc') or post-nominal title (e.g. 'OBE').

If you don't know the name of your guest you can check the Anon check box. If you find out their name later just uncheck the box.

Note The Title, First name, Last name and Suffix will be automatically capitalised (e.g. mr john smith converted to Mr John Smith) if you have checked automatically capitalise names in the General tab of the prefs_16Preferences window.

Display name is the name in the format you want to display it, e.g. Mr John Smith Phd, Master of Ceremonies. PerfectTablePlan will try to construct a sensible display name from the Title, First name, Last name and Suffix, but you can change this at any time.

A standard convention for displaying names is to display the guests's name and title on the first line, followed by their role in italics on the second line. You can do this in PerfectTablePlan by using ** in the Display name field to separate the two lines. For example:


The substitution fields {guest_display_name**1} and {guest_display_name**2} can be used to display the parts of the Display name field before and after the ** separately in the stationery_16 Stationery pane.

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