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PerfectTablePlan v2.1.5 released

PerfectTablePlan 2.1.5 is now available for Windows and MacOSX. This release fixes a few bugs in v2.1.4, most notably problems with file locking on Windows 98 and some printing issues.

  • [improvement - Windows only] File locking can now be turned on/off in the Preferences window. We recommend leaving it on unless it causes problem (even on machines that aren’t networked it can prevent 2 different programs changing a plan file at the same time).
  • [bug fix] Spurious lines no longer appear at the edges when a floor plan is printed or exported to PDF.
  • [bug fix] Rotated circular tables no longer have ‘wobbly’ edges when printed or exported to PDF.
  • [bug fix] The pen thickness used for tables is now the same as that used for seats.
  • [bug fix - Windows only] File locking is no longer available on Windows 98 as file locking doesn’t appear to be properly supported on this OS.

This release will work with your existing version 2 licence key. You can find out more and download the software from:


(download links are at the bottom of the page)

Thanks to those who reported the bugs.

If you have a version 2 licence key we recommend you install v2.1.5. You don’t have to uninstall older versions.

If you still have a version 1 licence key you may wish to upgrade to a version 2 licence for a small fee (see ../html/upgrade.html ).

Please email us if you have any problems.

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