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PerfectTablePlan v2.1.4 stability

Any software of non-trivial size and complexity will contains mistakes (‘bugs’). While we try very hard to make PerfectTablePlan a high quality application, it is inevitable that some bugs will not be found and fixed during testing. Some of the worst bugs are those that cause the software to exit without warning (‘crash’), possibly losing data.

To help maintain quality, PerfectTablePlan has built-in crash reporting. If the software crashes it will (with the user’s permission) attempt to email us a crash log. The crash log can be a big help in identifying the cause of the bug. Since we released version 2.1.4 at the end of May we have had the following statistics:

  • Downloads (Windows and MacOSX): several thousand
  • Windows crash reports: 0
  • MacOSX crash reports: 2

Obviously we would prefer 0 crash reports, but we feel this a long way ahead of the reliability of much of the software that we use day-to-day, some of it a lot more expensive than PerfectTablePlan.

If you do manage to crash PerfectTablePlan, please send us a crash report.

v2.1.4 known bugs

The following bug and workaround is known in PerfectTablePlan 2.1.4.


Circular tables appear ‘wobbly’ when rotated.


Circular tables that are rotated by the user may appear to have ‘wobbly’ edges, especially when printed or exported.

Applies to:

v2.1.0 onwards.


Double click on the table and set the Angle to 0 degrees in the Table Properties window. Move guests to appropriate seats using drag and drop.


Thanks to Nick for reporting this bug. We hope to fix it in the next release.

If you know of any other bugs in 2.1.4 please email support .

We have fixed a number of bugs since v2.1.0 was release. If you are using an earlier version we suggest you download and install v2.1.4. If you have a valid version 2 licence key you won’t need to purchase a new licence.

Upgrade policy

We are continually improving the software and making new releases. If you have purchased a version 2 licence key it is valid for any version 2.x.x release, i.e. the same licence key will work for v2.0.0 and v2.1.4. We will also send you a free version 3 licence key if we release version 3 within 3 months of you purchasing version 2. If you purchase version 2 more than 3 months before we release version 3 you can upgrade to version 3 for a small fee.


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