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PerfectTablePlan v2.1.4 released

PerfectTablePlan 2.1.4 is now available for Windows and MacOSX. This release fixes a few bugs and makes some minor improvements to earlier 2.1.x versions. Some of the more important changes since 2.1.1 are summarised below:

2.1.2 changes

  • [bug fix] Custom table sizes set in feet were displayed in metres.
  • [bug fix] Newly created tables were sometimes not drawn correctly in the Floor plan pane.

2.1.3 changes

  • [bug fix] Erroneous minimum size messages could be displayed when editing tables.
  • [bug fix] Table text colour not set correctly in the Floor plan pane.

2.1.4 changes

  • [bug fix - MacOSX only] Fixed intermittent MacOSX crash bug.
  • [improvement] Improved visual cues for cancelled, decline and locked guests in Guests and Groups panes.
  • [improvement] Improved Colours and fonts icon.
  • [improvement] Improved default font sizes.
  • [improvement] Holding down the Ctrl key (on Windows) or the Cmd key (on MacOSX) while moving the mouse wheel changes the behaviour from zoom to scroll or vice versa in the Floor plan and Table plan panes, depending on your Preferences.
  • [improvement - Windows only] The ‘read-only’ check box has been replaced by an additional Files of type filter in the Open window.

This release will work with your existing version 2 licence key. You can find out more and download the software from:


Thanks to Jeff F, Steve E and Mark G for helping to track down some of the bugs.

If you have a version 2 licence key we recommend you install v2.1.4. You don’t have to uninstall older versions.

If you still have a version 1 licence key you may wish to upgrade to a version 2 licence for a small fee (see ../html/upgrade.html ).

Please email us if you have any problems.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd