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Version 5 videos

We have put together 11 short videos showing some of the improvements we have made so far in v5. We hope they will help those of you with v5 to get more out of it, and perhaps entice those of you still on v4 (or earlier!) to upgrade.

Edit multiple guests properties in a single operation (duration 1:48)

View your plan in a web browser, e.g. on a tablet (duration 2:29)

Add images to floor plans (duration 1:11)

Add images to stationery (duration 1:39)

Display your seating chart as scrolling text (duration 2:17)

Identify potential problems in the 'trouble shooting' report (duration 1:10)

Choose colours for visualizing meal, group, gender or custom fields (duration 1:20)

Add colour coded dots in stationery to show meal choice, group, gender or custom field (duration 1:39)

The new E-shaped table type (duration 3:39)

Add 'you are here' maps to stationery (duration 0:49)

Bulk editing proximity (duration 1:08)

We have more v5 improvements planned. Watch this space.

Upgrading to v5

If you haven't upgraded to v5 yet, then you are missing out on lots of improvements (and any other v5 improvements we subsequently add). Upgrading to v5 from any previous version costs as little as £7.95/$11.95/€9.15, only takes a few minutes and is covered by our 14-day money back guarantee. You don't even need to uninstall your current version.

Upgrade to v5 now!

Questions about upgrading? Please see the upgrade FAQ.

Mac OS X 10.8 PDF issues

PerfectTablePlan v5 can crash on Mac OS X 10.8 if you select Save as PDF... from the standard Mac Print window (accessed from the Setup button in the PerfectTablePlan Print window) and then click the folder drop-down list.

do not click this folder drop-down list!

The crash happens deep down in the Mac libraries and we haven't been able to fix it (yet). However you can easily work around it by selecting File>Export from the main PerfectTablePlan menu and creating your PDF that way instead.

Disruptive uses of new technology

Spotted on Twitter:

@felixsalmon New #davos trend: people saving their seats by putting iPads on them #disruptiveuseoftechnology

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd