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PerfectTablePlan v4.2 now available

table spacingPerfectTablePlan v4.2.2 is now available with 25 enhancements and 16 bug fixes since v4.1.2. It is a free upgrade for all users with a valid v4 licence. Just download and install it and off you go. You don't even need to uninstall your current version. But if you only have a v1, v2 or v3 licence you will need buy an upgrade to v4 to use it fully.

We are making it available to newsletter readers before we release it more generally. Please let us know of any bugs or problems you find, so that we can fix them ASAP.

Please note that installing v4.2.2 won't overwrite previous versions of PerfectTablePlan.

New features in v4.2.2

Some of the enhancements in the latest release include:

If you want to upgrade to PerfectTablePlan Advanced or Professional Edition you can do so here.

We keep improving the performance of PerfectTablePlan, but you keep using it for bigger events! So we have also made several performance improvements to keep PerfectTablePlan responsive for events with thousands of guests. Just don't expect the automatic seat assignment to find a good arrangement for 1000+ guests in a few seconds. If we ever manage to work how to do that, we'll be too busy collecting our Nobel prize to be putting out a new release of PerfectTablePlan.

Most of the improvements and bug fixes are based on customer feedback. Thank you to everyone that took the time to email us.

New payment processor and VAT

We got fed up with PayPal continually blocking valid credit cards, so we have switched our online payment processor to Netherlands-based Avangate.  Avangate have a very good reputation and we hope this will make purchasing PerfectTablePlan easier.

Oryx Digital Ltd is now VAT registered and we are therefore obliged to charge VAT on all sales inside the EU (sorry). This will have no effect on customers outside the EU or VAT registered businesses inside the EU.

The perils of unassigned seating

unassigned seating

We are rather pleased with the cartoon (above) that we commissioned for our seating hints and tips page in a tongue-in-cheek attempt to illustrate the perils of unassigned seating. Click the image for a larger version. Contact us if you would like to use it in your own article or table plan. We will probably say yes, as long as you give us appropriate credit.

Design your table decor

table decor designer

BBj linen have a very nice web application you can use to design your table decor. It is intended to promote their linen rental business, but you can use it for free to try out your design ideas. Beware that technology is no substitute for taste - if you choose a green table cloth with pink chair covers, it won't even raise an eyebrow. (via wedshare daily)

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd